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  1. Update update: Yep, that fixed it. I guess somehow the stop and go of the update screwed with a couple of things that it otherwise wouldn't. I was able to find a very vague ref in the FAQs that lead me to this solution. Suggest placing Verify Integrity of Cache on the sticky as the first step in trouble shooting?
  2. Update: Attempted to "Verify cache" and apparently 3 items 'failed' and I am redownloading. Possibility that crappy off and on hotel wifi skipped a portion of the update, crossed a few 1's and 0's or something. Will update after testing.
  3. Just got done with the latest and greatest of updates and two things started happening. 1.) Pressing M does not drop Mana 2.) When I press Tab to type to my crew and then hit Enter, if there are <4 players it automatically brings up the split screen option. I play ranked only and use a wired XBox controller. Didn't have these issues last night. I sapose I can try to remap the drop mana button to something else... but there is no option to reconfig the button for split screen. Windows 7. Um... bacon is delicious. Anyone else having these issues, or is Cthulu so terrified t
  4. Every fantasy/RPG game ever made has em, why not DD? Slow moving unique mob, announced when it appears, and slowly wiggles its way towards the crystal. They look like sliding jello molds, and possibly color coordinated with their elemental property. What makes them unique? Its a big blob of squish... base damage is not effective. Only elemental attacks. Reason behind this, Squire has become the main builder for most NM runs, by having a mob that could only be hurt by elemental damage, it would shift some focus back to the Tower App/Adept and the Traptress builds. But lets go a b
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