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  1. The only title that I care about, is Selah's anger-relief forum poster. I hold that title.
  2. That's always been one of my favorite quotes ever. ~ Vader
  3. I was hoping for some candid snapshots of Hitmonchan during his special walk. Wink. I can do this for you.....not really though. Hello Laura, bring us some awesome news! :D
  4. It would kind of be weird, trying to move while being able to type wouldn't really work. Shooting also would be a tricky addition. Just stop typing during the combat waves. :P
  5. Well it's going to be fun! ...hopefully.
  6. Dude..... that's impossible I nearly choked when I did it with a spoon I'm not using a a spoon that is the size of a bowl :D Well what you did was purely for entertainment then, because you need a full spoon for the cinnamon challenge, not a baby feeding spoon. :D in between just eat Frazzles..... In between you eat Cow Tails. Look it up.
  7. Verify your game cache, that might work. Right click the game in your Library, and click Properties. After that, click the Local Files tab, and then Verify Integrity of game cache.
  8. couldnt actually move! I went to a waterpark a few years back and was stubborn and did not put on sun lotion or shoes. The next morning I was immobilized and my mother (who luckily is a nurse) was capable of taking care of me. Two days after I had blisters all over my back and shoulders. To top it off, I now have freckles on my shoulders and back.
  9. All of the challenges you posters listed are no match for "The Gauntlet".
  10. Done! video Man When I was done I had cinnamon in my teeth, floor and hands!! LMAO Does not count, you didn't have the required amount of cinnamon.* See this for an example.
  11. If you truly love the other person, and think that they are really the person that you would be willing to spend the rest of your life with, then keep on lovin'. If you're having to question whether you should have a relationship with the person over this, then I would have to say it seems that you don't believe you truly love this person.
  12. It would make people have a higher chance of finding rare items. It's really easy to run a map quickly and check the shops to see if there are good items in there. Increasing that limit would increase the number of good items found.
  13. I've been working outside and surprisingly have not gotten sun-burnt yet. Keyword, yet.
  14. And for those of us with no heart to break?? Tape yourself up with gorilla tape.
  15. Thursday livestreams? I'll be sure to tune in! Already tuned in but no one is here. xD ~OT~ Yesterday's events are over, and they were exciting! Thanks to everyone who participated.
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