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  1. I'll sign here, thanks for doing this for the community.
  2. Finally, at least one person that gets it. Good read my friend, sums up a lot of my thoughts. Another current issue is that the steam sale caused an influx of new players who think they should already be on endgame, but that's a story for another day. This so hard. Every person I saw complaining about King Game being made harder was level 78+ wearing mismatched myth and trans gear and had only been playing the game for a few weeks. The fact that every couple of games has a level 80 or higher wearing godly gear is pathetic. I agree with your post about rewards needing to be better, every step of the way has been a challenge for me, I remember way back when, when I stepped up from weeks of playing Insane to trying out NM Endless Spires in my mismatched Godly and Myth gear. It took days until I could finally start to beat NM maps on my own. Then the step up from 1500 stats to 2K stats was another major wall, and from 2K to 3K was nearly impossible. Misty is supposed to be the in-between levels map, but for me, Misty is far to hard for a 2K stat builder to build without looking up a build. If Kings Game was slightly easier than Misty, I think it would be perfect. It should be hard for a 1500 stat builder to build, but not impossible and shouldn't require every tower to be placed in the exact right spot to stand a chance.
  3. I've lost hundreds of millions of mana and several trans to this crap, is there no planned fix for this?
  4. You know, another thing I think is getting missed. People who geared up before spiders/sharks/copters probably have no idea what it's like to break into myth/trans nowdays. Remember that to do survival, you have to beat campaign. Once they unlocked it, I doubt they ever went back with and tried to killbosses on nightmare with low end myth gear. I bet a good number of them never beat those bosses with the new monsters, even with current gear. I know I don't do campaign on NM very often. The timer makes it annoying, even if I can handle the bosses now. I'm guessing a lot of complainers simply have no idea what it's like for new players to progress. It's VASTLY harder now, and when someone says "I did it, why can't you?" it makes me want to say, no, you didn't. Try starting over with 70's in godly gear and see how long it takes you to get 3.5k stats. Without all the survival levels being already unlocked too! The difference now from when I started is that you have to deal with those new enemies, but you also have classes that make the game MUCH MUCH, MUCH freaking easier. Try building without Ev walls and buff beams or Summoner minions. Suddenly, insane just got a whole lot harder! Nothing has changed, it has ALWAYS been a horrible struggle to break into NM, that's where the challenge comes into it at. If you don't want that much of a challenge, that' is why open mode is there. You can bypass the struggle to get good gear and easily get high end gear and build any map you want . . .but then it isn't fun because you have nothing to do when you are handed end game gear.
  5. Bullocks. We are playing to have fun. If some people decide to spend 1000 hours of work on something which is supposed to be fun that is their problem... Never should a game revolve around having to work to have fun... I got real life for that and in real life I get paid to work (and handsomely if I say so...) That is what Open mode is for. If you are just playing to have fun and don't want to spend endless hours working to get your gear, you play open and get it handed to you on a silver platter. Ranked is for people who want to work for their gear and want to earn everything with their own strength, Open is if you just want to play for a couple of days and have fun. Edit: And to the people saying they can't beat it past wave one now, that's the point. If you can't play NM yet, this ISN'T the map for you. You start on Endless Spires and work your way up, that would be like complaining and saying Aqua needs to be nerfed because you can't beat it with 800 stats. You start Endless Spires and then do the original campaign until you can beat them on Survival, then you move on to Misty and Kings Game, then move on to the harder shards maps from there. You guys are trying to jump the gun because of a glitch, they already said they didn't intend for this map to be nearly as easy as it was, it's meant to be a step from campaign to Shards, not the first step.
  6. Most prob he's losing money on his afk/paypal shop. it's the only thing i can think of when they keep crying about it. Trendy should make all the best drops easier to get,it will get rid of these paypal,over priced afk shops. then perhaps many of them will start to have fun playing rather than worrying about drops other ppl get. The problem with thinking like this is pretty obvious, you've probably been playing 200 hours max, the people with 3K+ stats that are running the shops have been playing since the game came out and have thousands of hours in it. They earned their gear, you are more than capable of earning your gear too, for every enemy they added that made the game harder, they added a character that made it easier too. If you want to take a short cut to getting end game armor, you buy it. There are plenty of shops that sell extremely good myth armor for affordable prices.
  7. The way this game works is that you have to climb a ladder to get to the top. You have to work your *** off every step of the way to get anywhere, when I saw my first trans, I nearly had a heart attack. Kings Game just bypasses the ladder and takes you straight to the top with little work. This map will take you from having 800 stat level 74 builders to having 1500+ stat level 78+ builders in a couple of hours easily, that defeats the purpose of playing the other maps entirely. I have gotten several of the squire weapons that are easily better than most steam saws, and the steam saw comes from a map that is far, far harder. This map doesn't need to be a bridge from Insane HC to NMHCMM Wave 25+, it needed to be a bridge from beating the main campaign on NMHC to beating the Shards maps. With drops they way they are now, why would anyone even bother with Misty or the campaign when you can just run Kings Game a few times and get 20 times the experience, twice as much money, and four times better gear for half the effort?
  8. The map needs worse rewards. The drops are alright, they aren't great, but the rewards for beating it are way to good, even if you make it harder. The weapons it gives are already BETTER than the ones for Sky City, which is a thousand times harder, wtf? If you make them better why would anyone ever play Sky?
  9. I traded with a friend and the trade went through, but then the boots never appeared in my inventory and he didn't get my money, but both were just gone from the game. Now I'm out a nice chunk of mana and he's out a trans pair of boots, is there anything I can do to report this and get the boots/money back for us?
  10. Real people don't stand around and try to shoot the archers, they just shoot through the gaps between the minions or jump up and shoot from above. Or they can just activate Hero stance and kill my archers in seconds. I have several friends who use Lemurians and they can eat right through any of my summons in seconds, and my summoners stats are like 2200/2550/1600/1500
  11. The Extra projectile they have is just to much, not to mention that they easily get over 30K ranged damage. Even my fully upgraded high end Supreme Aqua Lance can't remotely match people with moderate to high end Lemurians. Is it just me or is the Lemurian ridiculously OP for PvP, pretty much which ever side has a monk with a Lemurian wins because he just runs around insta gibbing anyone he sees. Even a 1.5 million health barb with 90 res across the board dies in seconds against someone with a Lemurian.
  12. I've beat Alch Labs survival dozens of times but I've never seen a trans on it, and I look after every round post 19. I don't think I've ever seen a trans spawn on any of the original maps at all, can they actually spawn on them? On an unrelated note, how exactly do people run Shipwreck monsterfest and get "400 million in 20 minutes"? Even with two AFK controllers I get a max of 280 million on it, and it takes the better part of an hour. I'm beginning to think people are just exaggerating because I've played with people who say they can do it in twenty and it still takes 35+ minutes. I make far more mana running Alch Labs and just starting on wave 18 and using one AFK controller.
  13. I've always made them ranged, but I see quite a few melee ones too. I've also had a few people tell me Lemurian's make better range weapon but farming that boss is way to much work to get a decent one, every time I've beaten him he gives me an awful 16 upgrade one.
  14. My shop is typically open for 7 - 10 hours at a time. Suggesting I'm there always to monitor whether or not, at most, 4 people want to buy my floor items is a reasonable and well-thought out suggestion. If you host a shop that says in tittle that it's a floor shop and advertise the item in question you should have no problem having a flood of people in your shop within ten minutes. If it's worth a ridiculous amount you could sell it on the trade forums, utter garbage sells on the trade forums for 15-20+ tokens so it shouldn't be a problem to move a high end item and get far more than any person in game would consider paying for it.
  15. I can't stand AFK floor shops, just put the damn item in your shop and be done with it. If it's worth more than the 600 mil limit then stay in your shop and advertise that it's in there. Why would I want to go through the trouble of adding someone to steam and having to arrange a meeting time just to buy an item when I could go to a different shop and buy a similar item straight from their inventory?
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