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  1. That would be nice if they could get it going again for all of you console faithful out there. I never played console but I can imagine the pain of not being able to play online with friends on such a great game. I doubt the will do anything though since they won't even release Moonbase on PC like they promised. If you decide to move to pc like some other console players have, I and others would be more than happy to help you get going on it with leveling or gear. I would switch to PC in a second if I could but the computer I have at the moment is pretty bad and it doesn't support it. I
  2. For instance, counterstrike go uses steam powered servers on ps3 so isn't there a way to do that with dungeon defenders.
  3. Isn't there a way to make servers on ps3 again or something? Anything to have online back!!!!
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