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  1. Well, I think it was around 600 base but /shrug, it was easily my best option for a monk dps weap and I needed something. It isn't as though it's more than 10 upgrades or so wasted.
  2. no idea, but its at 14164 now with 173/345 upgrades
  3. aaaah, doesn't scale with hero attack, eh? thanks, that's what I was looking for.
  4. well, I seem to be COMPLETELY unable to make it to anywhere after wave 20 aqua nmhcmm unless i have a str drain on EVERY choke- and I assume the same will apply for other maps of comparable difficulty. If every time I'm shooting something it's under a strength drain, is there a single reason for NOT upgrading what appears to be the superior scaling stat?
  5. I recently found what I think is a reeeally good supreme sea spear for my dps boost ect ect monk. It has 345 upgrades, 307 hero attack, 138 hero health, around 350 tower boost and around 150 hero boost. That said, being relatively new to this game, I have no idea what the best course of action for upgrading it is. The lightning damage appears to upgrade at over twice the rate of the ranged damage, so I'm considering just maxing that. However, given that all I ever see is weapons with maxed ranged damage instead of the element, I'm hesitant to go ahead and do so. Does anybody more experienc
  6. Yeah, I've tried that. it's failed me multiple times pre-19, there are goldfish that come in from the northeast past the single fireball tower no problem, there's 4 DU wasted on walls at the south crystal, trap placement allows for sharken to charge walls, albeit rarely. I could go on. Additionally, that build doesn't have any information on summoner minion placement whatsoever. I'm asking for help from people who know how to do this in my current gear, not a link to the guide everyone and their mother knows about. edit: Also, same problem with assassins just wrecking me and everything else
  7. Before writing this, I've spent literally all day (its cloudy, in my defense) making, and tweaking a build to get me to w30 of NMHCMM aqua. I can get to wave 20 reliably every time- I'm working with what I'm convinced is one of the best possible builds for this map (I NEVER have sharken charge walls- NEVER have djinn desummon). My problem is that, every single time, the assassins will just kill me in 2 hits under a strength drain if I ever come out of my hideyhole (on a dps monk, with around 35% phys and 30% all res on all gear pieces). If I don't come out of my hideyhole to kill ogres and rep
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