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  1. Reason why Mods(and most shards for that matter) dont work towards this bonus is because they're consider abilities, which as tested, do not get amplified by this mod. Of course there are a few exceptions that are bypassing this "Ability Tag", which could also be said they're not working as intended(easily tested on the mutator).
  2. Sometime after they fix it ignoring anti-stun, most likely .
  3. You most likely upgraded/spent some gold during this match, which for whatever reason this gold spent is tracked by map earnings. If you were to gild a shard during a match you'd probably see a -x gold earned
  4. Jose, unofficially, officially named them Omega Shards.
  5. This is what yourself and Jose have said before on stream, but after literally farming for days only using EV2's I can't simply believe that. Only thing i can think of is that it is currently bug, not working as intended.
  6. No, I'll explain this a little more. These numbers are not accurate, but let's say there are 100 mods that could drop where you are currently playing. You have an EV2 as your only character, shocking revelation is now added to that drop pool, making it 101 mods. Having 4 EV2's will not increase your chance, as it stays at 101 different mods to receive. An exception for this specific case being heroes with no relic MODS to add to the relic pool. Barbarian, Gunwitch, 2 EV2's would have the same chance for a shocking revelation (1 in 101) as 4 EV2's. Although this is based on my assumption that the system rolls for what gear drops first, then rolls for what MODS are in it. Untrue. By adding a Gunwitch/Barbarian to your deck you effectively enable ALL hero specific Relic Mods, making it 1 in 109( 9 total unique heroes/mods).
  7. Maybe I'm reading wrong, but what i believe people actually one is Quick Deck-Switching Keybindings I.e. This specific lane in Onslaught is best handle by my Monk EV and Abyss lord, i have about 2 of each available character, and they are order by when they where released, so i have to scroll to each individual hero, After I'm done, i have to rearrange my deck once more to put my DPS heroes back on deck again This is more time consuming for people who aren't familiar with their deck that they can scroll count to each hero. Most spent insane amounts of time just setting up the map than actually playing. Cheers
  8. this was probably also the same time when you could only build 3 fissure per lavamancer, could not upgrade it past T2, and not to mention the DPS was way worse than FAs.
  9. This was how they initially worked before trendy decided to make it another plain old tower. I dont believe it was ever exploited. It would spawn with 0 range, upgrading it would give its range back. but that might not be viable anymore with Vicious strikes around
  10. I've been thinking about it for awhile now, but there is a few of the Wayferer Weapons that i really like, some are a must of for certain class, but the inbuilt shard is just so horrible and it limits what you can axtually do with them. I am very positive that any aside from the Mystic shadowflame mod, has any use aside from the lucky few with a max roll(for bragging rights ofcourse, aka Lawlta and his devhacks). I personally prefer the betsy Weapons myself, and i guess i had forgotten with all the grinding i've been doing but i wanted to go back and farm some of them to essentially have all the orignial 4 heroes decked out on betsy weaponry.. I still can, but aside from the Betsy Sword Beam, all others are nothing i'd want to have on my weapon at all, they are completely unviable for me cause of the mods i dont want on them( RIP Wyvern Bow, forever in peace). Posted here hoping to find others with same issue as me, as well as maybe having a response from trendy to elaborate on their reasoning..
  11. I hope you mean Gearscore( am i missing something?) Esc > Collection > Champion Score(the very last one).
  12. This sounds like Fun! Turtle Stance also heals you to full in tavern.Barbarian is the only other hero in the game who can't equip Mana Capacitor(him and Mystic).Whirlwind will sometimes bug and deal 3-4x the DPS.Whirlwind Wrath costs increases overtime.Shout range and duration varies from stance to stance, and the duration added from Echoing Shout Shard also varies(i.e. the stun effect from Turtle with echoing shout is about 10s, despite being a 2s stun without it).Lighting Stance self-damage is 8% of your Max Health, Lighting Stance outgoing damage is ~3% of that(~0.24% of max health) and has the highest critical damage scaling in the entire game(normal damage to critical damage). Ride the Lighting will increase the outgoing damage by ~4300%(does not affect critical damage).Since Lighting Stance currently work as a percentage of your max health, using light weapons will always outperform all other Attack Speed modifiers. Furthermore, Meowmere and Terra Blade are the best weapons simply because they will trigger both Lighting Stance and Siphon Stance (and prety much everything else).Siphon stance Heals for 7% of Max Health. Draining Strikes Shard will increase Siphon Healing to 32% of Max Health, which allows you to face tank a roller while using both Lighting and Siphon Stance(LOL).Burning Strike is a must have for Clicker Barb, as the shard seems to be working improperly and instead scales off of Weapon damage formula(which i tested and it is about 3.5x Hero Damage)Maelstrom Shard seems to not have any cooldown, allowing it to sometimes permastun mini-bosses and entire waves of enemies.Whirlwind, Furious and Hawk strike are part of a few abilities in the game that do not have a 40% bonus damage shard.Hawk Strike Radius is not only small, it has close to non-existing vertical range(I'm assuming so, which would be the only explanation why it sometimes misses Rollers on slopes.)Hawk Strike has(probably) the Worst Critical damage scaling in the game. Whislist Furious strikes is probably the worst ability in the game and could use a buff(you can kill air lane better if you tornado whirlwind).whirlwind should be allowed to trigger shards.Despite Draining Strike Shard being bugged, it is the only thing currently allowing the barbarian to be playable(at the endgame), i would like it to stay relevant and increase healing to 14%(2x base. 32% is obviously an overkill).Shout, while no Stances are active, should taunt enemiesbuff Leaping strike range indicator to move 50-100% faster. increase Leap Height to allow easier mobility between lanes.Final Thoughts : Edit: Further testing shows that Burning strikes Deals exactly 180% of 3.5x Hero Damage, this number just happens to be the damage formula for light speed swords.Wreckless Shard ONLY increases weapon damage. This means no HERO DAMAGE or ABILITY POWER buffs(does not work for abilities or shards). Also, this damage buff will not increase damage dealt from Lighting Touch(40% bonus weapon damage).Full Shell Ahead makes turtle stance slow almost none existent( i can't say its 0 as we do not know how much the slow is)
  13. The fact that most sources of drench, poison, and oil dont work on zerkers because they are tied to the slow is something trendy has to fix. Slowing zerkers is a faulty mechanic. Also Nigiri_Toro i think you're talking about me? But you keep referring to me as SimonB lol
  14. I've have been lurking these back and forth posts for the past few days, and i have not seen anyone mention the main reason why any of these heroes will be seeing "nerfs";the boatload of unintended behaviors(aka bugs) Dryad: We have to agree how strong she is, to the point that she still sees use for bees, as they are the only physical tower that can go through shielders/vanguard etc. etc. But what makes the Vicious strike "No Walls" build so desirable is the fact that corrupted slimes, not only applies oil to zerkers, can slow zerkers and Unstoppable enemies down. The only other slow that works on zerkers is the mutator from phased. so our slime over here is as strong as a mutator, nothing wrong with that. Barb: Barb infinite health comes from the fact that base siphon stance heals for 7% max health, shard bonus is literally added up instead a percent of, so heal gets buffed to 32% of max health, clearly a bug. Then there is lighting stance that i will not go into details because the level of it is far beyond what any other hero has ever had. Once these are address, we can begin discussion whether or not these heroes are still overpowered or not. Edit: spelling
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