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  1. So I’m a dummy and just figured it out! I missed one map. Sorry about that!
  2. With c9 out I need every little bit of power I can get and not having that shard which I earned really is very frustrating. If anyone can point me in the right direction, this would be great.
  3. I just did all prime incursions as well! No second mass destruction either. I did however get up to 3 of some of low tier hyper shards. I did all of this on c8 which was painful. What do I do?
  4. I’m scared more onslaught changes are coming and I just got back into game again and still doing resets! I’m at 56 and powering through as much as I can before patch! I’m scared I’ll have to do c9 content after reset!
  5. Sooo after further playing I did expedition 8 and my min onslaught level did jump to 99! Because I’m trying to reset as fast as possible and efficiently as possible I only needed to upgrade weapons manufacture and flames to c8! Now I need to hit c8 expeditions then do 99 to 120 which is significantly harder to do and takes longer as well! I’m not a fan of this because for as long as I can remember I’ve been just pushing resets till I get to 70 so I can have all the bonuses! I want to actually level up my gear and play game again. Of coarse I know I could just stop doing resets a
  6. Yo! In light of the recent updates coming, I decided to push resets! I’m ancient power 44 going to 45. I just beat floor 80 and now the minimum level is 120! Can I get a confirmation if this is a mistake or something cause if it isn’t, I’m out!
  7. Trendy is tapping into the more spiritual side of gaming, meaning were all praying to God this will be worth the money in the end!
  8. Don't buy it! Wait till it officially releases then pick it up and get everything from costumes to inventory slots for way cheaper than they're offered now. Players are being gouged right now and don't even realize it! This will be the most considerate piece of advice you'll get!
  9. http://i.imgur.com/f1HdS4m.gif here we go!
  10. Here's what I want! I want Trendy to acknowledge they made a big mistake using f2p model. If they can't admit to this, something I think we all know anyways then I'll never spend another dime on this game. I will also make sure my friends don't either. I will call Sony and complain about what state this game is in and to tell them to look into the god forsaken crash reports. I will ask for my money back. (very hard to do, but its possible) I will tell my friends to call Sony and complain. I will get on other gaming forums I'm apart of as well and submit my case to others, not to even l
  11. Last topic was a test to see if your paying attention. Now that I have it. F2P ruined DD2. Plain and simple. The thought was alluring to whomever is in charge or was in charge. (who knows anymore!) Y'all tried building a game around it that should of never been done. Whether you thought it was for the best of the company or plain old greed, it doesn't matter anymore. As far as I'm concerned you have failed this community (and pc mind you). I'll never understand how you guys could stray so far from what actually worked to this? Trendy will never be able to keep up with demand when it c
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