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  1. Trendy is tapping into the more spiritual side of gaming, meaning were all praying to God this will be worth the money in the end!
  2. Don't buy it! Wait till it officially releases then pick it up and get everything from costumes to inventory slots for way cheaper than they're offered now. Players are being gouged right now and don't even realize it! This will be the most considerate piece of advice you'll get!
  3. http://i.imgur.com/f1HdS4m.gif here we go!
  4. Here's what I want! I want Trendy to acknowledge they made a big mistake using f2p model. If they can't admit to this, something I think we all know anyways then I'll never spend another dime on this game. I will also make sure my friends don't either. I will call Sony and complain about what state this game is in and to tell them to look into the god forsaken crash reports. I will ask for my money back. (very hard to do, but its possible) I will tell my friends to call Sony and complain. I will get on other gaming forums I'm apart of as well and submit my case to others, not to even look at this game. I won't allow you to use PSN as a crowd funding mechanism to support this game. Its setting a bad precedent on how games are developed. You have 24 hours to meet my demand! (LOL, I can't help myself!)
  5. Last topic was a test to see if your paying attention. Now that I have it. F2P ruined DD2. Plain and simple. The thought was alluring to whomever is in charge or was in charge. (who knows anymore!) Y'all tried building a game around it that should of never been done. Whether you thought it was for the best of the company or plain old greed, it doesn't matter anymore. As far as I'm concerned you have failed this community (and pc mind you). I'll never understand how you guys could stray so far from what actually worked to this? Trendy will never be able to keep up with demand when it comes to physical content worth playing. You literally are screwing your most loyal fans with this game and I think you all know it! Outrageous prices for costumes and lockboxes, those prices are bull*** and those lockboxes are bull***! This game is bull***! Go back to your roots Trendy and sell content thats worth buying. Make a complete game first and put a justifiable price on it. Stop gouging us for more money because at this point you do not deserve it. But you can't go back, can ya? No, you can't. You'll try to make it work because there is no turning back, meanwhile this community suffers hanging on what little scraps you give us. On top of that you sell these scraps like steak. I was thinking just a minute ago and comparing Trendy to a ship and it's crew. There's a breach in the hull and at what point is it criminal, not to let the other passengers know the ship is sinking. Once again just shooting from the hip here. Some will agree others will not. It might not even see the light of day!
  6. I watch the weekly defense on pc for the talk that accompanies the gameplay. So, I'm pretty sure pc players would watch a PS4 one too if they want to hear more about what's going on in dev land. So it's probably more of a test and see if it's worth it type of situation. I love the optimism! But it's not going to happen! Ever! Unless Trendy wants to personally prove me wrong! Balls in their court!
  7. Well considering how much attention this thread got. I'm going to say creating a stream for 20 people can be a "waste of time". It sucks but that's the reality of it.
  8. If I was to guess, they were already planning to do this anyway. They simply ask the community to make us feel a little more involved and somewhat satisfied. Honestly, it's a waste of time.
  9. The rewards were so bad, 3 hours of wasted farming. Trendy fix this because endgame onslaught sucks in its current form.
  10. So I have this friend who thinks finglonger effected trig range on traps. I believe it's just a passive that only effects how far "We" can interact with towers. I won't name any names but I'm just making sure he's wrong and I'm right!
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