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  1. If they support this game as much as they supported the ps3 version we are doomed. They never kept up with it compared to the pc version. Which is a shame.
  2. wow that was close!wave 25 the ogre broke my spikes and poons with around 3500 health left... out of range of all auras but just stood there. i thought it was game over, then he croaked out of nowhere. I should have leveled up my apprentice guardian before the level, he was just a base level. all the while im staring at him my crystal is being attacked, guess a few birds were LOLing at the damage my 3 star harpoon was doing to them at a crystal, so I ran over to buff it. Thanks for the tips guys! Giraffe on Treadmill 34/39 (now im completely broke!) 19/18/20/23 37/25/36/25 edit: the
  3. I heard Mistymire Forest was the easiest quickest way to get the giraffe without freezing. I get all set up but the spiders ruin everything! I try to set up as someone on the gamefaqs board recommended, spike blockades, 2 harpoons at every entrance (a bit backed up) and a slow aura on each of them... but then the birds come flying in from stage left and spiders drop down right next to the crystals! WTF am I supposed to do here? I got a sweet setup for foundries, bowling ball spam but it always freezes up 6 hours later at round 15-17.
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