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  1. So i got pc version yesterday and ive been playing it a lot. I bought complete shards pack and all dlc charactors, If anyone would like to help me level up or help me farm that'd be nice ;) Steam name : xirushies
  2. I finally am getting the pc version of this game tonight and im so excited, only bummer is , is that i'll have to buy all these map packs but if anyone is willing to help me out and teach me stuff on the pc then be my guest! ;) . But i heard you can give someone DLC's , if that's true than if anyone has some extra's just laying around, DLC's or Classes, PM Me On here ;)
  3. You get run speed with the shimmer and casting with the junbao, doesn't really make a difference which one you use. I recently acquired a shimmerblade, as I never had played hard moraggo I didn't have one and traded a junbao's for it. So if you do not have a shimmerblade, and you do insane moraggo runs, then a junbao would be a sufficient tower weapon. I got a shimmer 104^ first try and it had a much better tower role than the junbao, The junbao IS more of a dps role.
  4. Happened to me on glitterhelm, just get to wave 10 and finish it, and then fail round 11 (sell some defences). Then once you fail, go back to the tavern you should have your pure strat accomplishment. But since I helped you, you've gotta give up your modding :PHahaha, It's over bro. Once you're online come check me out..
  5. You don't have to get your crystal destroyed, you just need to reach the build phase of said wave.Wich i have, as i've stated , I've reached wave 12-13 a couple times ust to make sure..
  6. You need to let the monsters destroy your crystal for the level to count. I'll give it a try, Didnt need to do it with any others.. >.>
  7. I'vestarted from wave 8 on all maps and got it, on this one ive started from 5,6,7,8....
  8. There's a glitch or somthing going on with me and castle armory, whenever ai get to wave 10-13 I'll end the game (return to tavern) because im just trying to get the acheivment for getting to wave 10 on pure strat. It's been doing this for a while. I've completed it alot of times, if anybody knows what's wrong or how to avoid it, please help. I want my chicken...
  9. I'm trying to get my monk alot better but I'd like some advice on a good aura weapon.
  10. You think they would atleast add more than just eternia shard pack? Somthing to keep this awesome game alive,
  11. Why? And if not, this game is going to be dead pretty soon.
  12. I usually run marrago, mix mode and just check chests. But i am pretty lucky ;) If you tell me what type of armor i might have a set.
  13. Is Trendy ever going to add more classes to the xbox 360? I want just a yes or no and a reasoning, because if they just put all the classes in the marketplace is a win-win situation. 1) They'd make alot of money because of how boring the game gets rolling with the same classes 2) We, the people, would have alot more fun just playing and trying new things out So if anyone knows anything please reply ;)
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