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  1. Yes I'm sure lol my lv 71 has them on ..
  2. Really? Cause I have lv 70 boots with 38 upgrades
  3. Send an invite to datsOK I'll run it for you Sent.
  4. haha... i was wondering when the squire joined NBA Jam..:P Lmao it's secretly mj in disguise ;o Mistymire I always get rubbish loot morrago I seem to only get lv 78 stuff from misty :/
  5. A little* stupid auto text on phone lmao
  6. I usually run marrago, mix mode and just check chests. But i am pretty lucky ;) If you tell me what type of armor i might have a set. I'm looking for a tower set so I can make my squire airtime better and maybe be able to start doing morrago.
  7. I meant like what map is the best one to farm for it, sorry for the bad wording
  8. What's the best way to get lv 70 armor with around 30 or more upgrades?
  9. Alright of no one helps by the time you're on I'll appreciate it greatly (: should I add you?
  10. I want to try and get a better shaitan and an extra one so I can give one to my little brother and my friend but I keep getting kicked from rooms and my tower people aren't good enough for me to solo nor do I know a setup yet, so I was wondering if someone would help me do a few or more runs on insane.. It would be really appreciated! I know how the teamwork is used on the level an I have decent dps do you won't be necessarily soloing it as I can hold my own in a section.. If you're willing to help please reply or add me on psn Psn - Str8DoinYahMom P.s I'm from the US
  11. Hey, Im looking for someone that wouldn't mind doing a few if not more insane runs on morrago with me tomorrow, my tower guy sucks and I don't know a build but really wanna try and get a better shaitin. If anyone's willing to do it with me add me on psn or post here. Thanks ahead of time (: Psn - Str8DoinYahMom
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