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    lol no man i got from moraggo on insane plus not everyone runs ramparts constintly lol its not the only map that hives you good drops and store pulls any lvl past throne room has a chance to drop something out of the chest or in the store you just need to look !
  2. Tried this event multiples times with different strategies, it's pretty much doable, but REALLY hard. If you are stuck with a weak player, your doomed... that's the sad part of this, the thing that make me afraid the most: The fact that I worked really hard for being able to do this event, and maybe all this work will be for nothing since if I got with peoples who do not got prepared, I'll loose the event and the item who go with it, like on the event of the Omega Shenron, I did'nt got it because my teammate was'nt prepared, and I spent over 60 hours in practicing the event for the omega shenr
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    138 monk gaurdian for 74 all 4 twrs stats over 14 112 mail chest piece all 4 twr stats LOTS OF 78 83 stuff as well just to lazy to put up
  4. How come this upcoming event is a win only? hav you not seen the modded gear in this game its unreal.... i kicked a guy the other day with all 4 armor pieces with 254^ and shi hulud 254^ and the stats were rediculous 128 on everything and on the armor he had 99% on all four resistances, and dont let me forget the 254^skittles with 128 on everything... you just never no who your going to get stuck with in the event it just doesnt seem right to me, i would rather use maxed out gear or weapons or pets from trendy? !!!!!!THIS SHOULD BE CHANGED!!!!!!
  5. does anyone play this game anymore or wat, would like to farm aqaunos and moraggo a bit today but its boring as hell by yourself send me a msg, PSN- Cheymz
  6. Actually the Kairi comes nowhere close to putting the giraffe to shame. If the giraffe has all 4 tower stats starting at 30, then in the end, even with the 4 less upgrades, it still has 19 more points overall in the tower stats. LMAO well first off no were in the ops origanal comment did it say it had 30 across and second of all it prob has 2 30s and there prob on hero stats
  7. lol the jealousy in this game is awesome!!!!!
  8. OP did not pull the 161 kairi, if you read the title it say 157 giraffe i just posted that up there to put his to shame get a grip lol
  9. np case might have mail no pristine
  10. lol no thats mine i was just throwing it out there lol
  11. 112 mail chest just got yestarday and a couple lower end pieces for 90 but lots of 83 90^ and 78 70^ and lots of pets
  12. trying to trade mass access stuff in my tavern just look for trade lobby thats the account im on rate now i have tons of gear to get rid of help me out!!!!
  13. I have a bunch of stuff for trade ill be hosting custom for a while hopefully unload some stuff, just look for trade lobby, i started it so i got a clean floor and to do some trading ill prob be running ramparts or something. just got 138 monk gaurdian for 74 all 4 tower stats 112 mail chest piece all 4 tower stats
  14. didnt you guys know????? CHITTYWOMAN HAS THE KILLERIST BUILD!!!!!!!!
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