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  1. i like the maw of the earth. 20% more dmg and explode for 250% def pwr. and even without defense (fissure is still pretty good) buffing every tower and going back to invincible mode is still pretty fun and good (ok i had a pure dps backup friend) and you can tank with it.. i played him alot, i had my fun with him. disappointed? obv not. forrest biome with the flame aura perk and underground healing is the best lol.
  2. i still dont know why we need to discuss about a QoL feature... without it we just start the map so long till we know where the mobs are running (like dd1) how is that making the game harder?` we got a 3sec cooldown for selling items. and this QoL decrease the skill for you?
  3. same for me. the wisps was the first new thing i saw in dd2 when it was first avaible. it maked the game so much better and relaxed. the wisps didnt maked the game easier, it was pure QoL.
  4. Sure, but this is something Trendy should have, not a "fan" site :\ the wiki is a subdomain from a TE owned domain. and: Those are shards with drop locations confirmed by "TE", darker shards visible at the end of the table no longer drop in game, they will be added in near future along with new Chaos levels. nearly every indie EA game has a fan made wiki. i dont see a problem with it. the only problem is that the shard location changed directly after the shard patch. thats maybe why some are outdated.
  5. they could easily use the "F6" overlay. that overlay already shows what your hotkeys do. @Rominus thank you for the mythic explanation. i use her too but was lost on the amount of buffs me and my friend get from her and the obelisk edit: how do i stop that automated link to his profil?
  6. because the fissures is a trap and the emp orcs deactivate traps.
  7. 1minute after my post about the hero icon, you are fast :P player name would be so nice (since 50% of my heros has the same name like everyone in DD2) dont worry, every other stat can be only in pure text. first screen: yours, with the most wanted stats. and then the second screen: where every posible stats is. (serenty aura from NellysHatedFriend killed 1337 enemeys) edit: expand the quit timer when someone is watching the SECOND stat screen.
  8. yeah that it what i mean :) (read my EDIT part) just a player name and then the hero name would be better. forgot one: tower damage taken. i would take that instead of special enemys Tower damage taken is a stat that is kinda pointless from my point of view, since in at least 75% of the games that would be skeleton orcs, Spike walls, or Arcane barrier. What you could do instead of writing the name of the hero, is to add the picture for it instead, the same picture you see in the sidebar, since that would take less space, and wouldn't look as cluttered. yeah right.. ok i regret that part. special enemy is maybe the right thing :) (after some deep thought.) lets shift damage taken to the second screen. i know its 90% only one defense who take the aggro, but it would be nice to see which defense take damage. picture dont help (my friend use his pets to see which huntrees he currently use) . its easier to write: player - char - XXX (plus a icon for the hero class ;) )
  9. yeah that it what i mean :) (read my EDIT part) just a player name and then the hero name would be better. forgot one: tower damage taken. i would take that instead of special enemys
  10. Could you give me an example, I don't really understand what you mean. most damage dealt: EV2 ..... .. <- player name and his hero name. (player name is known for trendy) dont get me wrong, i like your idea. but i just want everything in the summary screen.. like which defense killed the most enemys (and what enemy) edit: like for your leaderboard partscreen: Most Damage dealt: Nelly - EV2 - 1337.000 Most damage taken: NellysFriend - Tanksquire - UnlimetedBecauseHeIsGood
  11. like it WHEN: there are player name AND his hero name in that screen. and when we have a second screen with much much much much more information. like: (the tower x from hero y did the damage abc to enemy zxy) and more..
  12. iam pretty sure that they wouldnt put it on two items when they dont stack. (you know, it seems to be only on two item types, so the already thought about that)
  13. Mystic ofcourse here, because she sounds female ;) "pilotable mechs" or a female sounded hero. its obv what will win :D like the last votes, the women wins, not the gameplay
  14. yeah that was my first thouht too. torpedo beam and reflect are two different concepts, that barley fit in one tower. would be nice when trendy can say something to that. no the others are to weak, and trendy already said they want to buff/revamp the old heros.
  15. if i see it right, then the attack from the dinosour get back to him. but dont know about piercing, never thought about that (but wasnt the dinosour attack some kind of piercing too?). lets hope the reflect can block that too, when not, then rip EV2 (for me :D ) I'm not sure the Drakan's attack pierces. I saw it get reflected as well. Hmm maybe if I'm lucky the trailer tomorrow will show a snippet of what she can do. If it doesn't reflect it that doesn't change a thing, I will still use her. She was really awesome in DD1 and I can't wait to see her new improvements. I'm most excited about her 2nd ability which is most likely her Cannon attack again. drakan, forgot the name. dont know if he pierce, or just shoot ABOVE the target. but he try do dmg the wall, and hit everything behind him. sounds for me like 'piercing' i just hope she has (real)reflect beams, we know how good that was for the core in DD1 didnt play her in DD1 (i loved the monk with his personal boost auras) wasnt her 2nd ability the floating bombs?
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