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  1. Well no reward of myth chest from beating the 2 new maps in adventure mode. I check end chest at end of second map nothing . Went to private tavern and nothing in my mail box. Some feed back about this would be awesome
  2. Yup one I have 1 of the normal hero's ie just the app I will get drops fro every thing not just the app. Same goes with 1 squire and so on. if in on ev2 or al I get just stuff for them. more legendary seem to drop for them as well. If I am a normal hero I get mostly blues and whites maybe a legendary every 3 maps.
  3. i was feeling the same I have not found one upgrade or the item I find has all the passives and rolls HH and DH on it when I needed DP and DCC.
  4. okay there appears to be some bad lag. I got in and have no arms and half a pet. after a few mins I have weapon but can do nothing in the socialtavern at all. none of my buttons do any thing.
  5. every time I go to join to see who else has the new bow and halberd. its just a black screen when I go to load in. anyone else having this issue ?
  6. still crashing on map loading extreme lag in social area.
  7. okay it worked but now I'm getting the 5008 error saying restart or contact support.
  8. will try for a third time and post if it goes through.
  9. completes then once it hits the end and the bar is full it jumps up to 99 hours and says it cant download.
  10. Crashes are still bad it takes a bit to get in then once in you blue screen out a lot. this is happening even after you wait for your gems to appear. Once we get a group together and start map you may not get that map and 3 of the 4 will blue screen out. been sending in reports to ps4 every 7 to 15 mins. It seems for the last 6 hours. we have also lost a few end rewards from blue screening out. Me and one other didn't get anything a few times when we blue screened out nothing in scavenger.
  11. okay now I'm getting connection to game lost please check your internet and PlayStation network connections. the thing is I can go on any other game works fine I can stream a movie but cant get in to game now.
  12. wow cant do any thing once I get in to game waited 10 mins nothing what's up with the servers?
  13. okay now the crashes are getting out off hand you can almost not play. crash about 7 times just trying to get in game 6 on enter map to play what is going on ?
  14. I hope they don't bring back the moba part it sucked. I was in that beta for DD2 before they scraped it. The last thing I want to see in this game is pvp or moba return.
  15. no I couldn't edit his name at all from the start. I should of clarified that more.
  16. This one is my mistake hitting triangle lets you do it. Can't name new characters when you first start it ie can't edit its name before you confirm or cancel. if you hit circle at the end reward for map to go to tavern or play again it wont let you pick either and you have to wait. edit for spelling
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