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  1. Winter wonderland Not so silent night
  2. Achievements not showing up on steam is the last of my worries they are still on display in my tavern. I played it through first time and I had no issues other then the achievement showing up on steam. I wouldn't be playing this game a year later if i wasn't happy with the way it was going. Yes i am playing less then I was at my peak but peaks are always the high point :P
  3. It's only really a surprise if you've not done CD
  4. I did it for the first time and put it straight on nmhc but after I finished it gave me 1 achievement but not for nightmare the only thing i can think is hc is making it bug.
  5. A mana token pouch is a pretty good idea it actually works pretty well. My first idea while reading that was just to make tokens stack as opposed to an individual item and then as trader you can offer X amount of tokens as opposed a pouch. I never had to buy a mule i just started having drop parties and random set give prizes every now and then. I stopped playing as much about a month ago but I'm almost at 1000 hours.
  6. Totally agree, also wouldn't mind higher max items in a trade, like at least 50 I think would be a nice amount. Can't say I agree with this it would get to messy if you had to add new pages in a trade. It would quickly become hard to monitor 50 items. If your just offering mana or other currency (cubes, event, megas) for a single or a few items that is a good system in a way it would eliminate some of the scamming. The current trading system is manageable and in a way stops some inflation in the DD economy.
  7. You sir are correct. The only thing that could possibly be changed is the soft cap of 600mil. That could be changed up to the hard cap, but I don't know what issues that may create as I have not studied that part of the coding. In my mind the soft cap should be raised to 1b because its the same as the current max mana token having the two systems on a different maximum value is odd to me that and 1b is a nice round number. Most of my characters are either on value of 1000's 100's and any increment of 25 so 25, 50, 75, 100.
  8. I hit shop, item and floor space shortly after i held a drop party. On a side note I also have ult defender so I have the extra slots anyway. Once I had one of every character to 90 I just put it on my characters and gave the rest away.
  9. .... ok i wrote k instead of m, sue me! xD I'll send my lawyers over to start the paper work :demon:
  10. I would assume not its item box space it doesn't say floor space :P
  11. The maximum value is based around the fact that DD is a 32bit game as far as I am aware. The maximum of 32 bit is 2,147,483,647. Also on a side note the current soft mana cap is 600m not 600k and the hard cap is set to 2b
  12. Wow, now, characters like a Wall Squire, could have everything in Tower HP! That's nice. Good Job Trendy. Ye my wall EV is easily going to be over 5k now
  13. Achievements also aren't being added on steam
  14. A small update to the dungeon / basement in the basement
  15. - Pet attack dummy doesn't work anymore - The Legendary Defender trophy is gone All I've spotted so far
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