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  1. man, dupers suck DriftersgonewilD, You see what I means about the +200^ items duper. By the way, any picture of the 270^ shai?
  2. This is true...if you like to be a single player playing with others online. If you want to multiplay with anyone you live with that would require 3 desktops along with 3 sets of games etc. etc. etc. and that would cost more money in the long run vs. getting a console and doing a split screen. Yes PC is better than current gen consoles but in our house its like one person on the console, one person on a pc, another playing a handheld and that totally was disconnected. The console version of DD allowed all of us to play together not separate. So you figured that would add up to about 1800 for t
  3. I have some 40^-50^ Oculus for lvl 70 that you can have, but I don't get off till 5:00 EST.
  4. That is great for you to get a nice Hulud 223^, but I don't think you will trade that one right away. You will try to find another one better than 223^ before you trade it away and it will takes you sometime to get a better one. If +200^ is that easy to get I should have more than 10 +200^ since I play more than 60 times, but my highest is only 149^.
  5. By the way, I do have PS+ too. I got the PS+ just for DD back in August because of the game freeze a lots back then and I dont want to start the game all over again. For sure about 99.5% of the time I dont trade, and if I ever trade I would ask to see their crystal and look at how many hours they put into farming Hulud with 200+ items. If they only got about 5 hours of farming and it will be too good to the true. Make sure asked who they got the items from, and I almost forgot the most important thing is that make sure the items is not upgrade it worth much more to me. Only trade with the one
  6. do you happen to know what dificulty he got them on?. Hard dificulty
  7. I'm speechless... how many runs did that take? :squire: I don't know exactly how many run Uncle-Vern did to get that many giraffes, but I can ask him tonight. If I takes a wild guess, he started farming since June/2012 and he average one run per day w/4 controls so the total is about 180 runs; or 180x4=720 giraffes.:santa:
  8. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] Hi, I finally got the image to posted correctly for Uncle-Vern(PS3). Here is his collection of giraffes that he farm all by himself and they are not from trade or given by other.
  9. I am finally done with DD. Thanks for good information here and very helpful.
  10. lol, when my game crash, its say "your data is corrupted, but you can deleted always", and its have two opcions "yes" or "no", i always go to the no... lol Agree, always pick NO and if pick YES then it going to having problem with the DLC missing and corrupted files.
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