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  1. With the return of our long awaited Deathdealer1877 I must quit DD. I was a PS3 player for a long time till my irl best friend Death went off to the Marines,he asked me to move into his house to watch over his house/gf while he was away. He also let me use his PC/Steam account while he was gone. But due to a recent injury in the battle field he is returning home. That means Im moving out and hes getting his PC/Steam back. I've had such a great time playing,hosting and posting on/in DD and its forums. But now its time to say goodbye. If given the choice I wouldnt have chosen any other game or any other community. You guys were awesome and I look forward to seeing you all on DD2!
  2. I typically dont like large signatures but my is the way it is because its bringing important news. Once Death is home I will return it to not only what it was originally but a shorter version of my previous sig. But its not that big of a deal,you can just scroll on past signatures.
  3. ffs thought it was a new religion. glad he is safe now.Lol,He is the Dealer of Death,he decides who lives and dies,why would he choose himself? lol Why did this thread only have two stars? I thought people returning to the forums should be welcomely greeted, especially if they have served in the army while being away :/?People are jerks and dont appreciate what brave men and women are willing to sacrifice to protect their freedom. People are idiots. And rate stuff bad. [[1565,hashtags]]Agreed
  4. Long Live Death Long Live Death! :) glad he is safe :)You should see his fiance...
  5. Finally,our brave Marine is on his way home. The news is bitter sweet, sweet because hes coming home, bitter because of the reason why. As many of you know Deathdealer1877 was one of the first events hosts,he helped countless people on Console and PC, and that he would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. But then he signed up to become a Marine. He was stationed in one of the most dangerous Military Bases in the world Tangi Valley, Maidan Wardak Province. It was there he spent most of his time running patrols on close by villages. It was a normal day,nothing different,his patrol left off to make their usual rounds in their assigned area. It was 3 miles from their base when they were hit. Before they knew what was going on they were in an all out war,they were ambushed by unknown opponents. Their convoy was stopped by an IED explosion,Deaths vehicle was hit but he was not hurt. They returned fire to the attackers and between himself and the rest of his squad they were suppress the fire long enough to move to the vehicle behind them. Death ran back to grab the medi-kit in the damaged humvee but when he was returning to the undamaged vehicle an RPG round hit just feet away from where he was standing. He was torn up pretty bad,the left side of his body was cut and burnt,but nothing serious. But his worst injury was that when the RPG exploded it blew out his left ear drum. As of right now he is deaf in his left ear and has a minor concussion. He will be returning home with a Purple Heart once he is released from the hospital. The battle lasted just minutes,but the injuries will stay with him forever. No one else in his squad was injured. But, in the good spirits the he has he said "Well,it could have been worse. I would it rather it have been me than any of my squad members. If it was up to me I wouldn't be coming home, hopefully they are able to fix this and I can go back" -Deathdealer1877 Master Sargent Vogele,Welcome Home!
  6. theres another view for ya!
  7. I wish you the best Classic,I wish you great luck with your next project. But with the fall of one forum titan,another returns. Deaths coming home! Read here for more: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?85688-There-comes-a-time-for-all-of-us...&p=720634[[2150,hashtags]]
  8. C) Try healing oneI had quite the good lol at this. But as for the squire,its like the mage. What ever he can do,another hero class can do better.
  9. Ive never been so in love with a game until DunDef came along. Thank you trendy for such a fantastic game!
  10. Nice genie,congratz! damage caps out at 10000 so no need to up that put it all in stats Thats not true,I got a 22k genie from planitir that I could upgrade the mana give on. But I capped out hero dmg instead and dropped the rest into health. BUT I could have upgraded mana give and it was well over 10k
  11. The hosting team had a few issues getting the map to work,thus our schedule was thrown off and this got mixed up. We've been hosting all week to get participants in who havent ran yet. If you really want to make sure you get your invite,feel free to contact Dredd. Thanks!
  12. I honestly loved this community and TEWELCOME BACK! We missed you so! As far as the new forums go: Me gusta, MAS MAS!
  13. The same thing happened with me and my set that i got from the warping core pack. Its all good though,I just use it on my afk shop SUp Leg Mage lamo
  14. And grouping forum. I agree that it should be moved though. We do look amazing up there I must say! haha I like how the stabbed skeleton is between the celebratory banners It's in general, and has been since I moved it aged ago... lolI noticed that right after I posted it but I figured ",eh,its a dead thread any way,he wont even notice" But this just further proves nothing escapes Classics all seeing eye...
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