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  1. @geo981010 quote:Here are the 4 I would use - I hope they can come back sometime. Thanks lawlata! 1) Startfire - good for long sessions (especially when I am playing mobile on the laptop without a real mouse) 2) Altstartfire - same as above 3) exit - quicker way to get out, and useful for when the game gets stuck 4) disconnect - same as above I would love to get the above commands approved I used them frequently. 2x speeds would beyond essential to speed up the progress when end game users go back to campaign or lower tiers for specific shards. Without taking the same amount of time c7 would
  2. [[4370,users]] Will you be fixing the Ascension Problem in the Lavamancer Utility tree? where the 20% decrease to slow % only lowers it 6%. Yet even if you add the shard it only does it another 4.5%. If you are adding the Max amount of upgraded stats you should also show us a way to see the caps on defenses. As In WM cant go past 0.38 seconds, using orbs. Or the fact even though you have a 15% def crit chance shard the max is only 33 with it equipped, Either stat 30% is the cap or boost the cap with that shard. These aren't the only shards with these issues.
  3. @geo9819010 We can always use unicorn pets. or Minotaurs as a possible class.
  4. When do we get our new and improved pets? There was talks about changing them up any updates?
  5. We appreciate the heads up warning that the Assassin is coming. There is times when we can't change heroes during that time and that isn't the best idea if you are going up the chaos ladder. I can re-spawn and not get a chance to change heroes cause I got huggers headed my way. im sure this is more troublesome for players who don't have taser suit. Would it be possible to bring taser suit back at c5? or Allow players to hero swap when you have the purple aura before the Assassins attack?
  6. My cowboy monkey from dd1 misses me! New pet confirmed! Dude, i wish!
  7. If you watch the Dev stream they state that tower skins have been delayed. Priority is on fixing end game.
  8. Why not be able to make a public game into a private match if all other players leave?
  9. I love myself a good riddle. I will ask to clarify for people who spent gems for bags. Will we just increase my 11 bags of 32(352 inventory space) and transfer it into 11 bags of 64(704)? or If i had 11 bags of 16, do they also get 64 bags with 704 slots? What people are asking is if I spent twice as much gems, are we getting shafted? Why not just make it 64 slots for every 16.
  10. It wouldn't help trendy especially at the beginning of the new Terraria Crossover, thats why it will never happen. Yes its been a while since we had a clean wipe. Would it benefit many of our players who just grind to 50 and not learn how to kite, build or play without killing the core? Yes, it would annoy some players. Many of us early access players have been through it before we need to move forward not rewind to repeat the same mistake. I can wipe the floor with all maps. We will probably need to go through the same change when inventory 2.0 comes into play.
  11. Why not just have a game wipe and we all start over from tutorial?
  12. T This is already been Prioritized by Trendy. Try this instead http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=800655658 says equipable for Dryad yet I am level 50 on my dryad and clearly shows its not able to be equipped
  13. When a single player uses up all the Defense Units in town and is unwilling to sell even a share so others my test defense is frustrating. It is public space for a reason I pre ordered the original game cause its a multiplayer game. More and more lately the players are becoming toxic and unwilling to communicate. I request that we put a time limit on defense points in town so we can share the space and not just have noobs flood the area. Walle
  14. the opposite for me, if I sell the tree I have a useless defense.
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