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  1. omg i'm gonna cry...lol Edit: better yet, i'm gonna go jump into traffic now..brb
  2. Did i do something wrong? I put all the upgrades on tower attack but now the weapon says -115 TA...im worried now.. :'( Is it just a glitch?
  3. PSN: Klisp I play during the day time when i get out work...weekends i play here and there :D
  4. Pro mode FTW. That needs to be put into console. I agree lol, for example I upgraded a 130^ weapon today and it took sooooo long. -_-
  5. I only kick if these kids if they start selling my defences and putting theres up... like, really...Your lvl 30 bowling ball turret is better than my 78 slice and dice?? lol
  6. I wanna see this tavern! Hmmm...are u serving drinks too? :thumbup:
  7. you should be a moderator :) +1 ...lol
  8. I might have to get PS+ too...been hearing too much of this lately... sorry for your loss man.
  9. It would be kind of cool if it were cross platform with steam That would be the icing on the cake!
  10. And if your feeling really brave, solo with three AFKs can yield 7.5 mil every 20 mins or so :) I'll try that...I hope my defenses can handle it..lol :D
  11. that's the best one i seen...congrats man! What difficultly were you on when u got it?
  12. Im sure the people at trendy are talented enough that one day they will be able to release a disc based game at full retail price. I'd pay full retail for this game. I couldn't believe it was 15$ when I first got this game months back.
  13. If this is not crossed over with the PS3 I will NOT get it for the Vita. I have way too many games to play to replay this again on another system. +1 This is true..I won't buy unless its crossed over with the ps3. :cool:
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