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  1. Not even close anymore. The model I checked wasn't even 500 (and I have a 600 from .46b of that weapon) Thanks a lot for the confirmation, I was right all the time and no longer need to apologize, this was immensely disrespectful coming from Trendy, I will not deal anymore with a company that treats it's users like hapless morons to be toyed with, not intelligent enough to notice the changes made backstage. So, thanks but no thanks Trendy, I'm sorry that you thought so low of us as to not be deserving of a an update on your plans to nerf the stuff you just had buffed after nerfing the r
  2. It's been THIS for me ever since the map came out. not a single ultimate yet, only 1 supreme, rest is crap trans or mythical (I tend to get lots of 25 upp crap clavas.) It's not just the quality, the level of stats is not the same. People are still getting Ult+ rewards.... =/ Look above I did more runs classic, only one ob wep above supreme, the overall stats where all a lot lower, again, no single ultimate weapon of any other class, again, no sup acc. I'm really sorry to say this but, I'm done with this thing. I want to state again, I'm bothered not with them nerfing anything
  3. People are still getting Ult+ rewards.... =/ da **** with this, I need closure, I'm doing 3 more runs today and see what happens, as I said, if this was just bad luck on my part, it can't even be qualified as "luck".
  4. That can't even be called bad luck mate, it went from "at least one ultimate of any kind" reward to "at least one mythical of any kind" reward Mind that we are talking about NMHC, I fought hard and worked a lot to learn and be able to do this map, certainly not to earn insane level mythical crap.
  5. I used to be annoyed about this too... but ever since I stopped caring I enjoy the game so much more. Customer complacency on this kind of stuff entitles them to keep doing it again and again, as for myself, I have a little more self respect.
  6. Siriously, this winter wonderland map is troolololol easy on insane and rewards supreme accessories and some decent items. NM gave me ultimate leather boots that my tower monk is now wearing :P Yeah, but I don't like Trendy's lack of responsibility, lack of seriousness, and I sure has hell don't like being acted upon around my back. Understand?? The problem is not them patching out, although I managed to grab a single good dps gladius which to me is worth like nothing because my dps toon is the monk. The problem is them not being frontal about it.
  7. Last night I made some totally worthless runs, gamer22 is complaining about it in here: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?88166-Patch-Discussion-7.47&p=748239&viewfull=1[[3372,hashtags]] Has anybody else noticed a difference in the loot quality rewarded on Akatiki after the Christmas patch?
  8. wtf they ninja nerfed akakiti rewards? I knew it wasn't just my imagination, if this is so, I'm sooooooo done with this game.
  9. Unless someone can prove otherwise, Aka rewards were nerfed with the patch. I just finished the third run of pure 53 mana godlies and mythical crap, yes, even the acc.
  10. That would have to be a ult 100 Genie. Never heard of those, or any report of someone getting a Ult 100 pet. Also, where do you get a complete set of ult armor? Once you find a complete set, how do all the pieces of armor have all close to 400 ups? Don't be impressed by hackers, and guys that brag about their stats tells you they are hackers. I had a guy last night inform me that we should use his turrets and not mine. Mine were only 4.2K and his 5.2. That is very rude, considering It was my server, and I always build if I start the server. I guess my 2237 hours of play as opposed to hi
  11. TrendyNet itself doesn't affect your connection because you only use it for game saving and authentication. Nothing like hosting is involved. Granted Steam is having its Sale so downloads maybe slower but any actual lag would be on your end or the host end if you're the client. (or the Internet). Alrite, I guess it's time to look for stealth spyware.
  12. Damn Trendy, quite crafty fellas, the HIB thing skyrocketed the user base, it's been ages since I saw more than 3k players in-game. But that's besides the point, I was just speaking with some steam friends about how the game is feeling kinda laggy in ranked, and even more on open. I just fully checked my connection and everything is working as usual. Or maybe it's because the steam sale, could that affect ranked latency?
  13. how to get turtles? http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?86950-Guide-for-finding-the-turtle-on-a-treadmill&p=734831&viewfull=1[[2200,hashtags]] http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?86950-Guide-for-finding-the-turtle-on-a-treadmill&p=744174&viewfull=1[[3368,hashtags]]
  14. A pet that gave all tower stats a 10% increase and capped at 600 would have my attention. Mike. Then you would be *****ing all over the forums about how you can't farm one, the rng is not working, how it all is a conspiracy from trendy to make more money, how you would like to receive a perfect krytical stryker instead of a turtle......so what good would it do??
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