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  1. Yo Chitty, whats up with your PM option. and why are you asking a mod on the forum anyway? He didnt hack the game.
  2. god i wish you couldnt back up items in DD....... and how has this thread not been closed?
  3. 1. How long can a human last in a sealed dungeon with no windows or anything? 2. What would happen to him after being deprived of food, water, light, and fresh air? 3. How would the human body react under these conditions? you got plans for your future EX???
  4. banned for having fun. Banned for not leaving this thread to the spam artsts
  5. but youll never quit the DD forum though. best game ever made.
  6. chage of heart in the last couple hours? To bad im to busy to come back to this broken game wouldnt mind replacin one of my dharmas for dat tho
  7. can you please show me a post where someone actually said " i can tell you your very next weapon every time?" i dont ever recall seeing these words written down on here?.... oh yeah thats right.. they never were ... must be your mistake... again... in other news... NICE PULL... ironic that assault and endless spires are the same map.... ;) - that part is just coincidence lol LOL unfortunately every time you think you have been right, it has been coincidence, or can be chalked up that way, you have made these claims so you will have to accept the backlach from the community, when the
  8. LOL your results are more random than the RNG to begin with. Best of luck
  9. Like to see more competivness and strategy to the events. Make events worth doing, make the people fight for their prize, a event is suppose to be fun and challanging, give the people what they ask for, dont just hand items out for particaption, as to where a good saying comes let the people fight and earn. As to where a good saying comes in to place. If you want something out of life, work for it. Nothing in life is free." Bring the challange, bring the strategy, bring the pain, bring the game to the game that is well known for it. Dungeon Defenders. All this from a player who at one time th
  10. Just curious isnt there already a team covering events already?
  11. why in the world would we be set with foobear?
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