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  1. Hey Im sleepy =) I am on psn and I quit this game a while ago due to it starting to get boring and now im back almost a year later, has anything changed?? i have all the dlcs up to the water one and my highest level is 79
  2. yeah. but i see people getting 100^ left and right and im like i got a 40. lol
  3. the most upgrades you could get for level 70 is 20. that only armor though
  4. andi can also make a guess that we have a troll that trolls on people and our goal is to out troll him :D with a mirror
  5. i need some help getting a better oculus for my friend. but i dont know a setup. could someone help me a couple times on insane. i have a 78 apprentice with 503 hero damage and i have 1.3 dps help? it would be much appreciated
  6. its because the oculus shard staff and undying rod all are grouped when you shoot unlike the tsuda
  7. i just ran moraggo 8 times and the highest upgrade i got was 40 and i lost on the last wave of war of the djinn with 2 djinns left! :(
  8. Does anyone know if there are any graphical restrictions in signatures as far as size goes? I enjoy creating them in photoshop but was unable to find any guidelines on them. do you think you could make me one?
  9. :series::sharken::countess::kraken::barbarian::djinn::hunter::fyvern::initiate::genie::santa::snowman::adept::spider::queen::orc::ogre::demon::mecha::goblin::dragon::kobold::warrior::archer::mage::wyvern::squire::monk::huntress::apprentice::skeleton:
  10. OK you can even look at my trophies on my profile. {zzsleepymezz} i have platinum but instead of me getting a chicken it just reset my achievements wtf?!
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