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  1. I've seen that people have done to, probably on nmhc. My big question is if anyone found a stable non crystal threatening build for it yet? From what I could tell, its either a super trap map, or an apprentice tower map. Thoughts?
  2. Best thing to do at ur stats is misty on nmhc with a jester. That'll probably be the easiest way to get a wide variety of weapons at once, since with the jester u get all classes dropping at once
  3. Same here. I got plenty of beast acc from it. Did the campaign on hard to try and figure a build out for it. Even hard gave me a pretty decent laser rifle. Did the challenge with a buddy like 20 times on insane hc, easy as hell once u get the path down u need to take to each crystal. But definitely fun as hell
  4. I agree with u. That's exactly what happened to me on ps3. Was fun to play until match after match of moraggo kept givin me junk. Not like I really needed better stuff either. Have some of the best legit gear on console, the best tower monk weapon in existence, and most of my chars were max level. That's why I came to PC. For that sense of challenge and wonderment that was gone on console. And after 2 months of it, still get that excitement when I see some of the gear drops
  5. Since were on the subject. What's the level req for diamonds?
  6. Been playing pc for a couple months now and I've picked up quite a bit. My new curiosity is with pkobs and skeles. I know I've posted a decent kob before and I was advised that its best to sell them in pairs. Is it different for skeles or the same
  7. Go ahead and add me. I still need that achievement... along with others
  8. Cool. That helps quite a bit. And pkols I'm guessing are ones that max on tower stats?
  9. I don't know why but for some reason I feel like I'm undercharging for some of my items, and overcharging for others. Is there a good guideline as to an approximation for pricing? In terms of kobolds and pawn shots, is there a fair price average? What's a good quality of kobold and pawn shot to actually leave out of the shop and see if it'll go on the forums? I'm totally lost when it comes to PC pricing.... :P. :(
  10. I know its a silly question, but did u enable the shop? Does everything have a price?
  11. Never forget the summoner too. Nm definitely seems to require them. and don't get discouraged if u keep failing. It takes a lot of patience
  12. U gotta do survival. I started seeing myth around the first or second wave after the last campaign wave. Nmhcmm surv is the best way to go. Mm though makes it hella harder but u get better drops
  13. When I first started nm I did deeper well. The key thing to make it work is gonna be ur auras and the EV's tower buff
  14. From personal experience I've found that kg is just better for mana. I think the dlc's in general are better. I've had some pretty good luck with misty with armor. Had a few rounds that have produced around 3 trans pieces. Also found a decent sup piece out of a chest
  15. How many lg do u need to make a big diamond
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