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  1. This is the one thing I have yet to beat ... and I don't really have the desire to try ATM.
  2. This thread shows that DD2 is FINALLY in a good place. If the biggest thing to get riled up about are lane wisps, I think Trendy should count that as a win. I can see both sides of the argument. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that there is a thread about it that continues onto multiple pages.
  3. On the PC I've noticed that the secondary attack when North Pole is equipped does WAY less DPS than any other random Monk polearm ... same character, same armor, etc. I submitted a bug report on it.
  4. I overheard [[4370,users]] whispering to [[48971,users]], and I'm pretty sure they are planning on taking it to Nebraska, at least for the short term. If things don't work out there they might move it to North Dakota.
  5. This is where I go for shard info ... https://dd2tools.com
  6. That's so crazy, it might just work.
  7. You have fallen victim to a new enemy secretly introduced by Trendy ... the Nad Kicker. When you're distracted by something else it kicks you in the nads by stealing desirable loot drops. My suggestion ... wear a cup.
  8. Agree. Get rid of the cheese. However, that won't change the meta. Swapping shards is completely unnecessary to make WM dominant. I use a WM build and have never used cheese. It still wrecks everything in C7 except rollers and air. Also, keep in mind that there will ALWAYS be a meta. It may change based on balance changes, but there will always be a more preferred/effective tower or two. This doesn't mean other towers are not viable, just that some will have a slight edge, and therefore show up in more games.
  9. LOL! Your service is worthless. You didn't fight for our country, you fought for big business to propagate problems. Unless someone is drafted, they do not deserve any special recognition for their military service. Trash men save more lives than you by stopping the spread of disease. OK ... I don't agree with the OP, but how do I down vote this last post?
  10. Solo players ... do you keep the sub core alive? Do you use any blockades, or do you just spam backward facing PDTs near the spawns? I tried and failed to spam skeletal archers around the main core, but got wiped out. I'm Interested in knowing effective strategies for this incursion. I've completed all others solo through Bastille on C7.
  11. You sure told them. I'm sure they will now fix all of the things that you perceive as issues with the game. From the entire player base ... thank you for saving this game ... we are all glad you spoke up and brought DD2 back from the brink of disaster.
  12. I don't have a pic, but I have a medallion with primary stat of 22,942
  13. OK. Absolutely the most important thing that needs to happen before you do anything else ... Rename the "Zapper" mini-boss to "Frank Zapper." Why has nobody thought of this before??? Come on.
  14. That's the cotton candy buff. The mystic can now eat as much cotton candy as she wants and will never get cavities. How awesome is that?
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