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  1. hates, they look the coolest with the creepy face on them
  2. so Arti will now become the "richest" mofo in the game?
  3. Seriously Nam how'd you do that he probs put viagra on his hair
  4. I'm kind of scared for Daryl, he had that "sweet" moment with Rick and it kinda seems its a prelude to him getting killed.
  5. I'm in the middle I think, I do believe there is a god out there, but I also believe in science. I am a christian (catholic) but I'm not one of those people who thinks homosexuals (*wow the word *** is banned) should go to hell, or condoms cause STDs and also not against abortion. I think men and women can do whatever they want with their private areas in their own private lives, just as long as its legal. It bugs me so much when someone religious, who preaches peace and love, becomes very hateful and just plain f*** heads when it comes to people of different sexuality, race or religion.
  6. This was on Ancestry.com I'm betting an old person actually tried it out.
  7. Any of you guys watch the walking dead? What did you think of the finale? CANNIBALS!! It was kinda predictable imo, when they showed Terminus there were no animals around and someone was BBQing questionable meat..that lady looks too creepy to be normal. The flashbacks were unnecessary, Rick biting Joe on the neck was awesome, was Carl about to be raped? Rick's final line was so cheesy but it made me excited for next season. Also they shouldn't have killed Lizzie and just let her loose in there and so she can kill everyone.
  8. Hmmmm, poor Johnno, I should post a pic of my hot pink wolf bow. :demon: urgh..I should have applied to be an event host when you guys were recruiting.
  9. Does that mean your collection is no longer complete? :O I...yes :( thanks gokuup for ruining my collection :(
  10. Please don't sell it..I don't want to have to come back to try and bid on it..although it would look good on my collection, please don't..
  11. Congrats to all the Winners! Use them wisely! ~ uhmm I stopped playing after the final event so I don't really care about the results, I just did it for fun and bored..ness, but I have to be honest and agree with starman, this was more of a Giveaway than a contest. I also got the impression that it was going to be judged based on this part of the post, so I do understand why some people who put a lot more effort in writing long essays about their experience to be not happy about the results: With the end of the Trendy-sponsored PC Community events for DD1 approaching we decided to
  12. Bamboo was the originator of Lord Vile's Arena. Then Daniel and her worked there magic together in making it ever so awesome. She also helped with other maps with miscellaneous this and that's like monster placements. I'm sure I'm leaving something out. She does great work Bamboo is just the quite type... Any one who likes the image I found it with a simple online search for ninja panda. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=ninja+panda&FORM=IQFRBA&id=12990ACC72ACC3532E822082FAB75C13B6947448&selectedIndex=0[[4377,hashtags]]=detail&id=12990ACC72ACC3532E822082FAB75C13
  13. Those map makers never stop amazing me. Daniel/ Mischief /Alhanalem/ Bamboo Bear/ Commish. Even Eagle got in on the action! Don't worry Simon my friend I did not forget you. Simon Sama's Star Race was such an epic first map. You have all done such amazing work my friends. Yeah, I feel the final event had a bit of everything in it too. I didn't know Bamboobear made maps tho. Hopefully they'll continue making event maps in DD2, trendy needs to hire them or something.
  14. My most memorable event moment as definitely getting Amor (the event pet I designed). It was the best feeling to have something special in game with my name on it. I told Eagle to make it as big and he can and it ended up being massive which was amazing. Its been my primary pet ever since. Close second is definitely the Princess Quest event, it was by far the funnest and funniest event ever, the dialogue, the ogre princess, the wedding, it was sooo funny and witty and unexpected, its one of the few event maps that I did over and over. Props to Daniel Sound for always making awesome maps.
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