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  1. Very cool event, WM came very close to failing. Though I somehow managed the last wave! also WW crashed for me once, no Idea what caused it. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Wicked_S/
  2. Yes it happened How ? I have no idea checked the scavenger he didn't have them left and rejoined nothing reload the game nothing ...
  3. Well i can't use a auto g since onslaught pops a message every time you complete a round so how do you do it ?
  4. You can turn on Auto-loot by clicking on the bag and you find it under the bag to the right (where select all when you are selling is) and you can change the auto loot filters by clicking Customize on the top right of your bag
  5. Hello Now I don't know if anyone talked about this but ... Pet Affection Levels First of all how do they work ? from what i've seen it is by how many waves i complete ? I've done some freeplay easy gates of dragon fall i've gotten 1.5 levels then i evolved my pet after that i did it again and i got 0 levels i didn't know what happened but i tried the same map on freeplay hard and i got 1 level so how does it work ? it does not seem like waves completed it also does not seems like xp gained Thing is even then it is still hard to get affection levels it takes very long to get your pet to max (VERY LONG) and now i'm getting to the point of this topic ... It is why is it Hard to get pet affection levels why can't i level my pet like i do with XP or maybe make it easier reduce the levels by half ? from my point of view and i don't think it is only me but for what i get when i level up my pet to max it's not even worth it i only take pets for stats they don't even do that much damage, only a couple of abilities are worth using Now i know there is gonna be that 1 guy that says Trendy is working on this or planning ... if that's all you have to say then please don't reply After all this is just my opinion Thank you all .
  6. Hello I know this might be the wrong place to post this but i wanted to get it out before the spooky event ends which leads us to knowing it is related to the spooky event .... Now the problem here is this I've only gotten 3 of the weapons (Squire-Monk-Mage) but it tells me that i have the spooky 2015 challenge completed even though i am still one Achievement short (Not just for Halloween costumes) which is shown in the following screenshot http://imgur.com/MggABki Now what i think made this possible is the fact that i got 2 squire weapons and 1 monk and 1 mage which is a total of 4 and it's counting how many weapons i've gotten instead of getting all 4 for each hero which it clearly says in the (Not just for Halloween costumes) :- (Find each of the 4 legendary spooky weapons) Thank you. I still don't know how to post a picture without linking it Kappa
  7. You must play end game in order to play harder difficulties
  8. If the chest kills you it will spawn a spooky version of the hero that you are on the spooky version of you drops the weapon and each hero has there own spooky hero the chest does not drop the weapon only the hero does
  9. 64 slots and you can only use 4 at a time .....
  10. What the actual F... Seems like the whole monthly went back to the old one
  11. Will it be F2P from this time on or will it be for some time
  12. I Agree, if i had the choice to choose the time i think 8 hours is good
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