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  1. I would like to have a code so i can play on the PC no fun pc games out there anymore really and the ps3 i been waiting for the 4th dlc and still no news. so i been thinking of switchign to the pc. Currently having to play DC universe online so i have something non repetative to do.
  2. Looks like to me that there is multiple guardian pets stacked in same spot.
  3. [LIST=1] It was bullet something I kicked him asap and dropped my lobby and when I loaded up offline and saw EVERYTHING gone practically I was pissed looked in players met and none the people I had ran with was in there for the past 3 hours.... not even one of my friends friend who was in a game he was hosting. So ya just FYI watch out if u wanna do public trading. I learned the hard way u could end up with an empty tavern. Learned my leason the hard way.
  4. I was in middle of trading with someone when this guy came in he said hey wanna see this and started picking everything up I had placed around my tavern. Idk how he did it but on my screen it said tavern was locked idk what was going on but by the time I kicked him I lost A LOT of what I was placing out. Even my regular dps set..... Idk how he did it but all I know is its jacked up someone can do that. P.S. for the trolls out there I am 100% sure my tavern was locked. No one else was able to pick up anything!!!
  5. So was doing war of djinn for the secound time today. Got to last wave killed the last djinn turned to go were his stream was going and my ps3 locked up :-( gotta love that. Rofl just thought I would share. Such a sad sad run. Rofl my first run awarded a great 20^ hulad rofl maybe run 3 will award something beastly!
  6. Thanks greatly for everyones advice. Had someone look and tell me what's wrong. :-) got a lot of farming to do. I pretty much need to get gears for a builder that's a lot better then what I have is all.
  7. Ok so I have a tower monk tower squire and when I build it seems to be bad. I loose a lot of towers fast. Not sure what I am doing wrong but if anyone wouldn't mind taking a look that would be awsome! PSN: cjkboh82
  8. ok i can understand that. i never knew that.. and i was wondering what had happened did a war of d jinn with 4 of us and we have ! d jinn left and it spawned and we all froze. we was pissed on that.. Well thanks greatly for that info.. Looks like imma have to solo run attempt doing it.. Got any suggestions on tower builds u might on day be able to give me a hand with so i dont have a hard time trying to clear solo?
  9. ok so i have joined some of the new map games in hopes of being able to run it with a few people.. and it seems like every time i do i get kicked within seconds... not even 2 seconds to be able to even attempt with some people.. i don't seem to get it... all i wanna do is run a few of the new maps with some people and hopefully get a decent item or 2... anyone have any suggestions on how to avoid being kicked right away? or should i just continue to attempt things solo? BTW this is on the PSN.. Oh ya also i was wondering sense i had purchased the game on my console if i would be able to play
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