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  1. Here the build I've been working, summons are a great help to deal with spiders, without wasting DU just for them. http://http://ddplanner.com/?l=7188,nmhc-endless-spires-with-summoner Squire 847/2247/908/725 Monk 1296/1155/1289/630 EV 1077/1689/1006/515 Summoner 1449/1621/901/1403 The elettric aura is meant to deal with small monsters to lift a bit the work of the Harpoons. If you have better Harpoons probably you don't even need it. On Higher waves I need to repair things arround, but it was not a great problem, if sharkens don't mess with the defenses, reaching 25 shouldn't be a problem. The hard part is above wave 20, so I think also with lower set it's possible to get over 15 and get the chance to drop some good myth. I'm open to suggestions, questions or criticisms! ^_^
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