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  1. I had recently got back into dungeon defenders and would like to know when is the next PC event?
  2. Hey I want to help out hosting or whatever so just let me know thanks And if not my Sid:shotdown011 https://steamcommunity.com/id/shotdown01/ Friday
  3. SID:shotdown01 http://steamcommunity.com/id/shotdown01 friday if its full saturday but mainly friday please and thanks
  4. No my wifi is fine I just payed 236 dollars for a new router
  5. hey i was going to get on ranked but it said cant connect to trendy net i disconnected my wi fi then i tried again but it didnt work what happened and what do i do please dredd help
  6. Agreed best explanation of the entire issue I love it
  7. i cant find dd for xbox in the xbox store
  8. Aman13

    I am

    Well I get a lot of money from family during my b day and Christmas
  9. Aman13

    I am

    No I have saved money for 3 years I came to a total of $ 1,236 and I spent $ 157 so ya and I had PC and I already had an Xbox just not Xbox live so ya
  10. Aman13

    I am

    Hello I am soon joining your community I just got Xbox live and I am getting a card to buy the game so I look forward to playing
  11. i am now switching to pc because my ps3 broke so goodbye old friends see you somewhere along the way of etheria fairwell):
  12. hey i dont know how to provide a link in my post how do i?
  13. SID: shotdown01 http://steamcommunity.com/id/shotdown011/ Friday
  14. Whatever I'm don't waist time on people like you
  15. Sorry for my language I just get mad when people post on my thread and be mean
  16. No I'm not mad but you should be cuz you a B I T C H
  17. But I love when bugs helps me
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