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  1. This problem appears to have corrected itself but please keep an eye on it
  2. I knw me and my friend had to restart r game like 3 times WTF This^ When it happens i have to turn my ps3 off and on a few times before it works like it should. ridiculously annoying.
  3. still ongoing. unable to join or be joined, multiple people having same issues
  4. Just downloaded the newest MANDATORY PS3 Firmware update 4.20 and now NOONE can connect to ANYONE. A friend of mine, just downloaded update, same firmware 4.20, CAN NOT CONNECT TO ME OR ANYONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Game broken since updating Must update to new firmware to access PSN, but once updated cannot play online Dungeon Defenders with anyone
  5. PSN JUSTxAxMOOxCOW Friday preferred. If not friday then saturday
  6. ...mana glitch would ruin that idea plus you could bring speed back to 0 and then have 200 upgrades to hero stats O.o THAT would be OP cant hold more then 200 mil, 200 million plus 1 = troll
  7. First off.. Great pet, LOVE IT. Already collected 5 But in the future, when trying to troll... you did it wrong. Next time, Make it like 300 upgrades, but each upgrade costs 200,000,001 mana.. Thats a hella troll lol all in all, great event, great novelty pet, good fun. thanks to classic and the crew
  8. yeah i guess i missed the part where it says hes gonna invite u according to list order.. i think he saves the whiners til the end we got a E-thug... he so cute
  9. so the event hosting times are over? read much? apparently not
  10. so the list goes from top to bottom? Drifters skipped me apparently... everyone before me has gone in, people after me on the list are now in... still no invite?!
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