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  1. This is a very strong pet for melee type heroes as the lick of a thousand milkies drains the enemy of their souls. Also , it is about time Laura finally gets her cow! Equippable : included but not limited to : Laura (read "everyone") EDIT : The yellow tag guarantees the milk to be of drinkable quality. Even after finding the cow falling from a dead enemies chest.
  2. Lego world looked interesting ^^
  3. Hit me up if you are doing it again steamid : BenVdd2
  4. I recently had 3godly and 1myth pristine and it didn't give me the set bonus. So maybe you need atleast 2 or 3myths for the set to work?
  5. Before i'll look into the dxdiag , have you tried setting the core affinity to cores 0 and 2 (This is done in the task manager by rightclicking the dundefgame process and selecting "affinity...") (after allowing multi-threading in the config menu) and checking the "disable visual themes" and "disable desktop composition" in the compatibility tab of dundefgame.exe . For some people this seems to increase their performance.
  6. can you put up a dxdiag of your machine?
  7. I agree with most of these suggestions. BTW You can swap around chars in the charlist: select a char, hold alt and click on the character you want it to swap places with (keep alt pressed when swapping thru the pages)
  8. Nice vids. Great personality and content. Had some fun on his teststreams aswell. Reccomended :)
  9. Yeah okay , I realize that now , but there is nothing wrong with posting the summoner can do this aswell since not everyone has the ranger and may not know about it.
  10. Yeah you can't keep on hovering
  11. Hi everyone, I do not know if this has been mentioned anywhere but the summoner has the capability to doublejump. To perform a doublejump you have to jump, hover for a while (not sure as to how long exactly before it works) and quickly release and press your jump button again. I think this has something to do with how long the game sets the waiting time inbetween two jumps. For example: If the game sets it so that a character can only jump after 2 seconds (wich might be why we can't bunnyhop in this game) you would have to hover for 2 seconds and then do the doublejump. This alows you
  12. Yeah what he is trying to say is he feels that weapons should be getting exp towards upgrades like pets when they get used to kill mobs
  13. [QUOTE] EDIT 2: "With not every feature available, I feel like I should get to pay less for the Summoner because why pay full price, when I don't get the full character."[/QUOTE] That is a bull**** argument imo. You get the full character like every other PC gamer, you (and everyone else) just can't play it fully operational with the controller. Your argument basically just sais everyone should get it cheaper -.-. HOWEVER I do feel like trendy should have it fully operational with the controller.
  14. I will probably end up buying both classes eventually however i only have 16€ in the process of being wired to my paypal (because the recent change in dexia bank becoming belfius bank in Belgium hasnt gotten thru to the steam payment method yet i have to first wire it to paypal and wait 2 days in order for it to be usable -.-)
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