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  1. the devstream said it won't come in the mail...you will buy the "beat the heat" pack in the store for 0 cost.
  2. can't log in either. I thought my internet had issues, at least i know its on their side.
  3. So, had a bow before patch with Tripwire 8%..nows its 2%. Is this another one of those weird we changed it wrong deals or whats up?
  4. I agree. What on earth made them choose to do the passives on Serenity Aura instead of tying them to Boost Aura is beyond me. I haven't seen a boost aura used in forever, kind of sad. I'd love boosts to be another competitive alternative to the OP freeze ez tower again. But i mean look at that, my aura gives a bonus 189 DP for 10 more mana cost, it would be silly to try this with towers over traps/auras and freeze. Edit: Incase its hard to read, thats 210 bonus DPS on top of my 10% bonus from relic.
  5. okay...i see Trendy responding to posts left and right but this one (like every other post I've made) gets completely ignored. This is a pretty significant Bug with a time constraint but Trendy hasn't bothered to comment on it like they have other threads. Post is from 12th. Can we get some Trendy feedback on this please.
  6. To add to what I wrote below, it also seems that ogre kills and such are now not updating the monthly on top of the progress being wiped out. EDIT: wasn't adding to wiped progress last night, today it is. Still a ton of previous progress wiped.
  7. same. first said play campaign to unlock monthly mission (i have 5 50's), restarted now shows 0 progress. Also, about a 1/3 of my upgraded equipment had points reset or something. Sword all of a sudden showed +33 unspent points. You guys might want to check to see if any of yours reset also.
  8. None of that matters...if you can't play and win NM1, at least solo with the crap RNG I got and many others. Forget finding a group, they are about as rare as loot from regular mobs. All the positive changes don't mean anything if the core game is broke. It serves no purpose to do insane when loot is 220-228. Unless you were lucky enough to get a decent RNG of the reroll gear or you win the lottery and find a group...i love to play this game but I think I'm going the way of many and just peace out for a while until things get addressed.
  9. Good question. I did 3 insane forest crossroads with 9 ogres total, then a few other maps for 2 more ogres...should be 11 ogres dead of 50 right...shows 1/50
  10. Loot DropLoot no longer drops from regular enemies on Wave 1 in Free Play and End Game. Loot will drop from these enemies on Wave 2 and beyond in Free Play and End Game.Only no loot except for Ogres and chest. Cool. On a side note..went from falling asleep doing NM4 to Insane and 220ish loot gear, and cant do harder. So no way to progress cause NM1 is just out. So how are you supposed to progress if you can't do content that drops gear higher than the crap 240 we got RNG on. Not well thought out execution. All the talk sounds good...but its pretty shabby.
  11. Second weird thing in 10 minutes... Place skyguard very close to cart in Forest Crossroads...DPS shows 15908 (+5590), placed away from cart or in tavern shows 8668. If placed a little away from cart it changed to 13113(+2795) Pretty sure this is not intended.
  12. After going through bags and realizing i got azzraped... I did a NM1 Forest Crossroads. Wave 1 about 10 secs into it and mobs start pathing up over the hill out of the lane. Basically, where the little divider is where the Poison Roots are (Where country home lane and Spooky Woods lane meet) they just started walking up that and over the side bypassing the blockade. I'm not talking getting pushed to the side after being bunched up or whatnot...i mean, they just walked straight up the part their not supposed to be and straight to the eggs. Full wipe.
  13. You heard that where again?...i don't remember ever hearing/seeing that from Trendy. and...My point was missed entirely so I'll reword it. Even on dev stream, they said something like, you won't have that gear for about 10 minutes or so in NM1 anyway and you'll just replace it. So my point, if they were going to hamstring us again and nerf our gear they could have done the nerf THEN had the drop weekend events. Having one right before they nerf the gear so you will replace it immediately is pointless.
  14. Since gear you get as your leveling up is basically pointless since you don't need/have it long...and...we are about to have all our gear nerfed back to ipwr 240 and RNG rolled to whatever it will be as a new drop; what possible reason is there to have a huntress only item weekend a few days before whatever drops gets changed and will quite possibly not have a phoenix call passive on it? What would have been a lot nicer would have been to wait for these weekends until after we didn't have anymore wipes planned. It just adds insult to injury so to speak in my opinion.
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