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  1. SID: LastKings- http://steamcommunity.com/id/AnonBruh Sunday
  2. Oh hey look its the guy that never responds to me messages and invites, thats why i defriended you, hows it goin. Oh yeah why are you in the console section, slandering my name? You play pc huh? You don't even know what the event prize is. :D I sure hope classic sees this fail. kid, all you do is SPAM me messages, I don't have to join or reply, I'm busy and all you do is spam spam spam & idc if you defriended me, I can do whatever I want kid, lmfao you think I really give a eff about what the event prize is? Pretty sure it's duped anyways. Can give a less. so stfu.
  3. Round 1 results players: Me, infinete , demonshark101, shotdown01. winner : me are you really going to.. post up a thread for events, and play in them? what's the point of doing it if you're gonna try to win your own prize. [[1634,hashtags]]. you're going to try to win your own events, whatta shame.
  4. Vinaluna. Why you doing events for? You dupe. Anj & Freestylnmonkey & I all whitnessed it. Don't even bother.
  5. I miss you too Believably, oh wait who are you again? Believably. Lmao. Who are you? Lol.
  6. Gee thanks for stopping by and rubbing it in our face that you have PC version and its better. Im sure the console community was sad when you left. i'm sorry /.\
  7. I never said I had faith for console, lmao. That's why i'm on PC? o.o
  8. The dragon, genie and krakens are the only challenge nah, only challenge is Kraken. wait OOPS. Soz, I'm in the wrong section. Sorry for talking about console like that :)
  9. Been gone for a long time.. Haven't done anything on my PS3 for how ever long I quit to go to PC. I'm seeing some Stuff about Insane+ and Boss Rush? The DLC is out now, or what am I missing because I'm at the store, but I don't see anything :p. & Miss this community, but PC is just better. Love it there, well. Just wanted to drop in by and say hello!
  10. Gave away items awhile ago. & Lol.............. I got a 80 monk! ^-^ lol. I'm proud. 2-3 days, haven't even played Aquanos Survival that much either.
  11. On PC now. Not much on PSN anymore.. Anyone that's new that needs help leveling. I will help you level :). Other players that just want to play with me on Steam, just add me up :cruiser:. Check my siggy for my Steam :D
  12. Yeah, i'm hyped ! waiting for my PC :D:D:D:D:D
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