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  1. not dlc its the patches. patch 1.03 made like 205 for 83 and patch 1.04 gave us 90 gear.
  2. yeah the back room is part of the tavern. sorry bout your luck though
  3. thanks classic i do appreciate that alot but no, im done with these events. after this i dont see getting an unbias host. thanks for everything the events were great for the most part but ill just stick to shop pets from here on out!
  4. i didnt play because there was no way i would have gotton a fair shot after he thought i was argueing. i didnt even get to finish my sentence before he threatend to kick me, and vincentmc stated it was host descretion on retries if u fail. im sure everyone got retries, but im pretty sure by his attitude i wouldnt if i rejoined. dont worry guys this will be the last time i sign up for the events cuz i wont waste another miniute farming for special armor or weapons for an event just to have a disgruntled host that wants to deviate from classics rules (the guildlines that i followed when upgrading my gear) and they dealth with it by sweeping me under the rug.
  5. this was rediculus, my host was changing the rules from what was on the sticky. no restriction on pet. and if the armor couldnt have more than 35 upgrades it would say so. it only said no more than 40 in a single stat, which tells me it could have 120 upgades as long as no stat exceeded 40. and when i try to explain why i upgraded like that he threatend to kick me. i spend too much time prepairing for events to not even get to play, thanks classic for your awesome line-up of hosts
  6. probably the company you keep, or trade alot with? who really knows........ or can say on the forums!
  7. now now gamer u said to stay on topic, lol i think we definately need squire animus, and to complete the set why not make one for the huntress. it would be a complete set
  8. DriftersgonewilD, i received your invite but when i tried to join it said that there were no open slots left. PSN: Hommicide_bellymy invite sent me to my main menu. and no reply, i guess hes got alot to do, be patient it'll come
  9. Your the man! lol Next group in queue: paintolar tripletriplehh thng1974is that it cuz i never got invited yet and no traffic on this thread in like an hour and a half
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