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  1. if you want better wall placements i can give you them in game, kinda difficult to describe. ign gungniir text version if you can make it work- west place the cade JUST to the left of the furthest right blue stone, basically straight across from end of the wood. (hair of a gap not much) east place the cade at the end of the wood closer to the left side than the wood, it may still leak a couple but very very rarely (I was able to dps the 2-3 it did VERY easily solo) mid place it a little to the left of the thorny ball, not much of a gap but a little bit bigger gap than west hope it helps
  2. is that cade hp with or without boost? jw
  3. also, defense speed provides the best for smalls, all 3. 2nd boost aura is strong. use it. its practically mandatory for nm4 imo
  4. with the event farming the first of nm4 is the most plausible solution for gear farming, currently. I was in this area pre event and was farming liferoot of nm3, could occasionally beat it slowly upgraded. since event been farming first wave of various nm4 and upgrading like hell lol. (ipwr 500~ on squire/frosty, 630~ monk and hunt)
  5. Remove it. Pointless IMO. If they refuse to remove, at least up the #.
  6. I can agree with these numbers being accurate. The vast majority of my drops are weapons and relics (usually rings indeed). Pet food needs a buff (or a rework as I've heard is in the works?) Armor should MOST DEFINITELY receive a buff in drop rate. It simply doesn't make sense to have all of these new passives, armor being the largest % of our equipment, and it being this low on the totem pole (cwutididther) for average drops. WTB passives into gems. Something.
  7. My only real issue is passives and gold. Difficulty and upgrades I'm not having a big problem with. I'm AOKAY with being stuck in nm2-3 for more than one weekend. I dont want to be able to INSTANTLY jump to nm4. Did you instantly jump into farming NMHCMM wave30 survivals? I know I didnt... If they can fix the loot (key passives not dropping remotely enough... and when they do its mainly crap stats lol), and the horrendous gold problems (I had 500k saved prepatch, and am now sitting at a hearty 20k lol) I think the game will be in a pretty reasonable state. PLEASE dont make it ezmode again. Ple
  8. I am into nm3, can farm most of liferoot (wave 5-6 get me every time ><), and until the end of gates, I have only just now started upgrading, prior to I was fine but nm3 has been a bit of a *** block for me thus far
  9. I sincerely hope we do have a summoner again. I'd like an EV again as well. (at least something to fill in its gaps for walls/reflects anyway)
  10. One quick way to help is to change the relative frequency of weapons/relics to armor. ***We have 4 armor slots to fill and only one weapon slot, one relic slot ****and possibly a shield slot. Armor should make up 2/3 of the drops. Also, more than one costume chest per map is tremendous overkill. so much this... tired of seeing 90% weapon + totem drops, and 10% armor... it literally just does not make sense.
  11. I have 69 base 96 max, seen someone else with a 69 base and 95 max, so if that helps the math any.
  12. Again, you'll find parallels like you do in any genre. Though a hero in one game may be similar to another hero in another game, DD2 actually has some very unique heroes. "Done worse" is a matter of opinion. For sure, it's done differently. And as someone who has been playing LoL since their release in 2009 as well as SMNC since their beta, I really appreciate the differences and think that they make a great game. I wonder if there's a correlation between the people who are bitter about the beta and their skill with it. If that is the case, I think a tutorial mode would certainly help make
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