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  1. Best and most common stats used for skill points? I'm only curious as to what everyone is using to progress nightmare in a fast manner. My squire is just all health for barricades but a lot of people are saying flat defense rate for apprentice right now and it has got me all over the place! Also its been years but if anyone I played ps3 DD with is still around hit me up! I'm very excited with how DDA is going so far and have already caught back up with a few old friends.
  2. It's been a long and rough time for some of us but tomorrow we will more than likely all run into each other someway or somehow in this amazing game. I've glad to have been testing this on the PC for the longest time on the Defense Council and even more excited to see how the improvements and the game feel on the PS4. I just wanted to make this post as I know some of you I played with before I no longer have added due to me parting away when the PS3 was dying and also just not being able to play with you. So with this post I would like to say please add me now and let's have some fun tomorrow!
  3. Using family share on my new account and was curious how I get my stuff on the new one, I have the Defense Council Bonus stuff as well. Just can't launch it when i try to start it up
  4. As I no longer play PS3 I wanted to get used to my PC a lot more and I've been playing my brains out on DD2, What is prob the best way to level up without having someone boost you or anything on the PC? Cause it's been a while since nerfs and all.
  5. I really cannot give out to much information about what we are working on but pretty much what you have said here in your thread we have already talked about a lot for a while now. We will reveal it next week. Sounds great, Talk to ya soon!
  6. You do know that paypal shops are not allowed and is frowned upon. EDIT: Also the Event teams have something in store for the community which should be revealed sometime next week! Ya I've known the paypal thing but I don't do it I'm just saying that my idea would help stop it.
  7. I was thinking and how DD1 had a lot of players selling items and a huge amount of event stuff that may still go on today and how trendy can profit from it very well with making the player base happy and well let's get to it! *Example* Player 1 wants to sell a Lazer Robot on paypal but he would benefit more by selling the item through the in game "TrendyTradeNet" the difference is let's say the player would make $10 off paypal with that, With the in game auction/store he can sell it for $10 and trendy will profit maybe 20% or whatever they feel is fair and reward the player with maybe extra
  8. Hello! Just wanted to talk a little bit about how trendy should do a ranking system and I'll start off down below to the League of Legends S3 system Bronze 5-4-3-2-1 (promo game)*80-90% of the average player base* Silver 5-4-3-2-1 (promo game)*70-80 % of players* Gold 5-4-3-2-1 (promo game)*8% of player base* Platinum 5-4-3-2-1 (promo game)*5.% of player base* Diamond 5-4-3-2-1 (promo game)*2.5% of player base* Challenger 1 *Top 0.1% of player base* This is only season 3 so far but I was thinking trendy could do something around this but for the Challenger Tier do something like "Tren
  9. Can you do a build for sky city for insane for solo or 2 peeps? I tried the 'leave north alone' type build but it does not work, a random spawn ogre always attacks the middle crystal even though there are no towers or players on that platform. Also, strength drain auras do not strip elemental resis on ps3 so the build on pc will not be same on ps3, just a reminder. I want to solo sky city on insane but i'm failing on the boss wave becuase of the rogue spawned ogre, hope you have suggestions that would help, thanks in advance. I got a good one with 2 people that already works on PS3, If c
  10. A lot of people quit and come back (Like Me) over stress and a ton of other things, What I've been doing tho lately is testing some PS3 builds out on PC on OPEN. I matched my stats to my PS3 ones and tried some stuff on insane on a huge variety of maps and believe It or not I've got some amazing new builds. Like I've always said I want to help the PS3 Community out as much as possible and I'm going to again starting tomorrow. I will have a Aquanos Insane+ Build and a few pure strategy ones more than likely for other maps. Now be assured my friend Chewy is 90 but I've still got all 83's so this
  11. this ^^^^ Didn't see a PC Discussion :/ just the usual thing here and I put the thing by it lol
  12. Been working hard on PC lately and I play on OPEN but I'm recording every bit of my farming and such and I was wondering If you guys wanted to see some Builds and the Progress from 1-100? I was banned from rank due to using modified armor a while back when I thought I was on open so I figured I'd redeem myself and run It through legit on OPEN with everything Recorded and also do some Custom Maps along the way some what like a showcase of some good maps? My first plan was to do a Guide on Helms Deep :):squire:
  13. still waiting on that borderlands 2 footage we did together... i'm kind of a big deal. Hammerlock DLC :) And my PC broke, I lost all my videos I did. I got an Alienware X51 now and ya we've got to do some of the new DLC.
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