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  1. The visual lag on this map is mostly due to the entire terrain being one massive amount of alpha texture overlay and particle emissions monster. It gets hilarious when you stack a ton of traps and auras on the map, thank god they toned down the trap visuals a touch.
  2. its not even that the new mobs are broken, they should not be utilized in the older maps that weren't designed to handle them. As I said in the original post they are fine in sky city because that map was built for them.
  3. But the game balance shouldn't basically go "new content or gtfo" I don't recall any of your expansions adding units so drastically new and powerful that you required to radically redesign your playstyle. Nor did those expansions add new units that basically destroyed the original core experience.
  4. that tower you are holding in your hands? Depending on broken dps down-scaling in nightmare mode is a joke. They made a mode that focuses more on towers and layouts, then add a unit that requires you to try and dps down a unit with way to much health because it bypasses most defenses. That tower I hold in my hands is a melee weapon, because there is simply not enough time on most large maps between setting up all the defenses and preparing for the next wave to swap to a ranged dps and hope I can whittle them down in time. Again though, you missed the entire point on how they spawn and how
  5. The reason the map is so garbage is their ai pathing is somewhere between non existant and lolwhat. Aggro almost doesnt exist in the game on smaller monsters.
  6. I'd also like to point out, most games that have enemy types like this tend to have a specific tower to deal with air units, you don't get that in this game.
  7. Traps and auras don't always have a good position against the ogres in campaign. If you had read the initial reasoning for the thread to exist, you may note that I discuss that the maps are not designed to handle them, not so much that they are overpowered themselves. Their utilization in core DD maps on nightmare is game breaking most of the time. Its only on the maps that share traits of sky city, pits that kill, are they somewhat managable. The ones I had the least difficulty with: Magus Quarters, seeing as they tended to die before they got to the edge thanks to my archers body blocki
  8. You really can't have an opinion on the subject matter if you haven't tried the rest of the map sets, as this is what the discussion is really about though :C. I am not saying its impossible for the maps you have selected to try it on, but aquanos is a joke once you nail a strategy, be it auras or gas trap abuse. EV boosting on that map though is almost a requirement for most things. If you use summoner its even easier now yes. But survival has the leisure of building without time limits, you can pixel perfect units without stressing.
  9. That's nice, but this thread is mostly addressing the issues with the rest of the game. Not their eternia content. The larger the map size and the further away a copter spawns, the easier they are to deal with, in some maps this isn't the case. Also your monk stats are well above what any average player or person is going to have. Aquanos is nearly impossible without a good monk + wall EV The problem is becoming that you need to do nightmare to get better gear, but, now nightmare is too hard unless you have the existing better gear. Or dumpster dive the endless shops players have made
  10. Gas traps are just... incredible on nightmare maps if utilized properly, they can completely halt some lanes if you have a giant enough radius and effect strength so the duration is nearly a minute.
  11. I should note that so far my 2 experiences with copters have been Misty campaign and Aqua HCMM survival. Two maps, two maps that are fairly large and have only a few entrances for the copters to approach from. especially since good aura placement can devastate the wyvern lanes the copters use on aqua. I don't recall many wyvern lanes on misty either, so it bottlenecks the flow in an easy to counter area. and having 2-3k in multiple stats is well above "average" in this game.
  12. I was doing Magus Quarters on NM for Myth RTS, and my minions kept killing the copters above the lava. Feels good man. Magus fits the copters better than most other maps, IMO. If you can drop the Ogre to it's death in the map, the map is okay for Copters in my book. Now, in SMF, I was barraged by 20k damage Missiles from buffed copters on my DPS Monk. Not fun. :< that comes down to "are your defenses killing them fast enough?" On endless spires there seems to be a sweet spot in how fast they die causing them to be negated, too quick or too slow and you just keep adding ogres to the enemy la
  13. Brought to you by the makers of Sky of love? We managed to beat it on easy to get one skin, but even then he was hitting our squire with over 300k health and 90 res for a third of his HP a swing. seems a bit broken really.
  14. You seem to be ignoring the time table you are on in normal mode, this isn't survival where you can leisurely setup defenses at your whims during setup. Regardless of their intentions the current Copters are way to much to handle in their regular maps without game breaking stats. Give Nightmare Summit a whirl if you think its "beatable" and just a matter of strategy. Then explain to me that you didn't use 2k+ stats on all your towers that it worked. It really feels your argument hinges on what you read in patch notes rather than what you've actually played since the update.
  15. Most of the maps have been beatable so far, The summit has been the killer for me mostly. Also, this requires you to switch constantly, from a solo experience this is almost impossible as the map size tends to play against you with setup time. I wish I could record a match because what happened on the summit was the copters fire their flares in succession so the harpoons constantly track the flares and the mass wave of ogres makes it over the edge and onto the crystal core platform. harpoons have a .23 fire rate on their stats so it seems odd that they keep firing at them. The Turret AI i
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