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  1. http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Experience_Guide Should help ya out and the final values are in the comments section below. :) Thanks but that experience chart only goes to level 90? Anywhere I can get 91-100 please?
  2. Hi guys I was wondering if anyone out there knows the amount of xp required for every level from 0 all the way to 100, much appreciated if anyone has this information. Thanks.
  3. Advice find other things to do. I have the patch and honestly I am bored. So I suggest not cliff hanging on this patch, it may not be what you expect. insane + not what you expect? personally i cant wait, because i have alot of friends that play this game, well did. we will start playing again once the patch is released
  4. we are still waiting for this patch! getting really bored of waiting now. it has been far too long. im not blaming it on trendy or anything but it is getting annoying now. how long must we wait??
  5. i was greedy the first time i tried to do a giraffe run. on the last round i bought in another 3 controllers thinking that the ogre would not get past my defences. (it did) so i never do it with 4 controllers now. although i can do it with 2 controllers but thats it.
  6. please can you explain what call of duty new maps reward you for playing? Your missing the aspect of DLC... its new maps... the reward is not a must.. yes it would be nice... but its the map you pay for not "the reward" i so agree with this. nice one commandandco :)
  7. i want the EU patch and i want it now! gone back to playing battlefield :P
  8. we need a new tavern! the one that we have currently is far too small, especially if you have all/most of the trophies then there is no space at all.
  9. omg no pro mode or invest all :'( im sad now
  10. Hmmm.. I'd rather not share my setup.... Because this is a one-time thing. The reward will drop in price, and it'll make the event completely pointless to even play in -.- i agree with you 100% dont want to give my layout either, but then i had this mcwolves71 having a go lol
  11. I prefer to run on hard. One thing I have definitely noticed is higher difficulty has a stronger impact on other stats besides attack damage and level. For instance on medium your more likely to get one with low reload low SPS and low PS, you might have to use 15^ to 20^ just to get those stats where you want them ok thanks for that, that makes sense. will do my runs on hard then to get better stats :D
  12. Well that's YOU...lol. You asked why would ANYONE say so I told you why. ok calm down, wow you corrected me, round of appluase for your cleverness
  13. do you guys think i should farm a shai on medium then? or hard?
  14. ive seen 192^ on medium... dont lie.... xD
  15. i still get kicked from some games now and i am level 83 on my apprentice, but people have there reasons on why they kick, just get over it and try to join someone elses or even better, host your own game!
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