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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone! I'm now redoing my mage to all tower health :D Also, since the mage will build walls...how should a tower squire be setup now? Thank you for any advice :)make a new thread on that this one is for mages only
  2. 450 tower health 150 hero attack 100 hero health 75 run speed. Still does 800k with 130^undying rod. Magic blockades just shy,of 12k hp. Lvl 80no for ps3 lvl 71
  3. just tell me wat stats do some of ur good mages have for ps3 plz only ps3
  4. Wow!..lol..that's insane...when upgrading armor do you just upgrade till all of your resistances are at or close to 100%?do you play on pc or ps3
  5. I have one for summit But.... the dlc maps are too hard to use his towers... :(no i mean a good mage build which stats i should focus on and which equipment i should have for ps3
  6. What do you mean by full res armor. Sorry i am a newbie
  7. what is the best setup for an apprentice on ps3 please answer. thx
  8. i am going to buy one DLC but which one gives me a better staff to use please answer. thx
  9. i have made this thread to ask the creators of this game to please put out a summoner character pack for console users. Thanks
  10. I hope the release the summoner for console if you are reading this trendy then please release the summoner for console. Thanks
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