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  1. Even better tip: Before exiting to tavern, first choose option "leave party" Then when you leave game your buddies arent dragged with you because you wont be partied with them.
  2. This isnt 100% accurate . From what ive gathered, we will get wiped when we get each version update, like "loot and survive" and "alpha and beyond" The extent of each wipe is unclear though. I assume after full wipe on dec 1st, we will endure partial wipes, and maybe another full wipe when DD2 is finally released, but i dont know for sure.
  3. This is only pre alpha. I am 100% sure console version will have the ability for 4 player local co-op . DD1 had it so i would be surprised if DD2 didnt. But suggesting trendy charge for it is absurd.
  4. Ive seen and endured many crashes on wyvern den pre-patch, my son crashed twice in the same game, so i highly doubt this being a new bug. That being said i havent played post-patch yet.
  5. Ya unfortunately cross platform will not generate profit. Seeing as trendy will only be getting paid from costumes and tower skins, i dont see many console players buying a new costume because they get to play with a pc player.
  6. To answer the OP, though im not a dev im between 99% and 100% sure ps4 will get a platinum trophy. Just because steam doesn't have it means nothing. This is false. PS trophies werent even implemented until mid 2008. GTA 4 is a prime example. It was released April 2008 without trophies, but a patch was released adding trophies.
  7. Your comparing apples to oranges. Trendy Entertainment is an indy game developer. Just because Square Enix implemented cross platform doesnt mean every othe developer has too.
  8. Wont ever happen. Even triple A developers wont intergrate cross platform, with games like portal 2 being an exception. Ps4 will never have the same version as pc.
  9. Its pre alpha with lots of bugs. Its unfortunate but we were all warned before buying it. My go to response for just about all anoying bugs are restarting ps4 or uninstall/reinstall. Seeing youve done that, You're probably dealing with is highly populated servers. Its happend quite a few times ranging from half hour to over night.
  10. Its a safe assumption youve never played moraggo or aquanos on insane plus, because the build phase or after typing a sentence is way too late to announce that a djinn or sharken is unbuilding your choke point. If that isnt enough, this game has built one of the best gaming communities ive seen. Partly because the forum but i play and chat with my fellow defenders. Bonds that couldnt be made by text chat. Im not saying you have to have a mic. Im saying you are limiting the experience you could have with a mic,.It is worth every penny.
  11. Id have to agree with rpglover here. As a console player, i cant see stopping my gameplay just to type a message. In my personal opinion if you cant/wont play with a mic, then you cant expect to be treated more than just a random NPC.
  12. I havent read nothing insinuating this and i doubt it but who knows.
  13. i agree, but i feel your beating a dead horse. This has always been an issue, but for some reason its gotten worse on ps4. I suggest meeting others in a public tavern, join a party then start private maps.
  14. I assumed development never added those difficulties to those levels. Just like i assume incursion was only developed on 5 levels.
  15. Try having him join in public then when you are in party with him, make private lobby and have him or her follow
  16. Some of us are still here, but not as frequent as before. Some of us also still plug away on the ps3 multiplayer.....we're riding it until it truly gets unplugged. Welcome back, gamerjunkeeee. Yeah buddy! Public games are scary.... nothing but pick pockets! Shame I used to like dropping in and helping out... too scared to now :( Shame really. Hey stranger, I haven't played DD on ps3 since ylod stuck. Glad to see some familiars lol. Soo sorry about YLOD OMM. I had that happen once. Good to here from some of the seniors. Still wishing trendy will release DD2 on ps4 in the future or at lea
  17. Ive been away too long. Just wanted to see who is still hangs here, and to say hi to all my fellow defenders.
  18. Yes what laura said. You can scan it with a smartphone and from what ive gathered it gives a phone number that just keeps ringing and ringing. Alot of us assumed it was gunna be some sort of reward if you found it but once the number was posted online telling everybody i assumed trendy pulled the plug, but as stated by laura it never happend.
  19. I only need 1 pick. Its 23 But if i was wrong 83
  20. Sorry ive been away from my desk for a few. Let me see if i can find a pic of mine. But you have come close for sure mine was 250 ups with 2 16's and 2 15's also for 74 Edit: did i mention over-sized
  21. I stand corrected, lol. Good find
  22. Also keep in mind that the wiki or most any info found online revolve around pc not console. I doubt youll find the harbringer.
  23. Yes as stated by rangerz, it could have been worse, but ya im sure you felt all icky inside.
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