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  1. works very nice im only 2k tower stats good job ;)
  2. yeah they should put like 200 du ;x
  3. but still so many thing to improve still wyverns atk crystal so upg auras and buffs fast ;/
  4. well will start to say this is my first time on guide so take easy with me :kobold: . http://ddplanner.com/?l=7665,nm-hc-talay-complex-test just did this build and reached wave 15 pretty easily just running around killing some ogres with my monk dps etc. and wave 15 decided to change little thing, but failed badly. so i guess u can get up to wave 18~20 with this build with no huge problems :) My Squirre Stats 2500/2500/1500/1500 Aura Monk 2000/2000/1500/1000 EV 2000/2100/1000/1000 Huntress 1900/2300/1300/1200 Summoner 1900/2200/1400/1500 waiting feedback :D
  5. yeah about section . btw never used imp so long before, its really worth?
  6. well dude video build not work anymore sharks break walls on south ;/
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