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  1. Male hunter with horsie and portal gun.
  2. I think ppl forget that if you hit the boss from behind you do significantly more damage. It could have been yall got lucky and were tagging him from behind. I always advise an STG drain for security. You never want to burn 40 minutes without a return on that time.
  3. If you weren't there, you missed it. It was awesome.
  4. *Cliffs for you bro* Hackers gonna hack. I've learnt to ignore the hackers in the very fact and continue playing the game like any other online games. Every online games has its fair share of hackers, some game are more heavily affected by them, some other not so. I am glad to say DD is required 70% skillful play (always amused by how Draemn abuses game mechanics), and 30% equipment. The said 2 types of hackers out there 1) Hack auras dmg to a high damage, and then farm legit items? 2) Hack legit / possible items. These 2 above does not affect us at all. For at the end of ti
  5. It's really just those western birds that lag behind. A lightning on the far corner buffed by itself and a magic missile on the western staircase does a pretty good job.
  6. I dunno, my builds pretty fast now that i moved a tower for the birds.
  7. Thank you draemn. It's all about mana hackers. I wouldn't accept any mana for my items. People should be demanding coal at minimum. Coal should be the new token standard.
  8. Just got another patch for today after 7.46c. Any information?
  9. The way we did it was 5 dps monks and one summoner. Pretty much got to play it perfect. One of the monks should be a semi-hybrid with 1k to 1.5 in tower stats. That person should spam electrics on the map to help thin out turkeys and cause casual damage to ninjas running through them. Everyone should have above 2k health and your summoner needs to be pimp. Other than that everyone has to play a near perfect game. That means no moving backward. You can't backtrack, thats a sure way to get webbed on hit the ninja train. Also, monkeys are a big help here. We only had one person with a monkey but
  10. Tell me about it Grim. Big shout out to apink, hachi, tripman, sammy333, and grimorg. That was brutal but well done. Hopefully they add to the timer, its about the only way for regular peeps to complete it.
  11. I'd like to say this. It is indeed highly challenging at the moment; however, the lack of being able to build on a map of this size hurts. Hybrids would be okay but they just can't stand up next to the difficulty of the hero mobs. Furthermore, you can't stand to lose a character because you lose significant kill speed. Played with some of the best trying to do this and we struggled for sure. I think if we could at least have 120 seconds build time we'd have a chance to setup some stuff to assist with cleaning turkeys on the map that is actually useable. I'd rather see that change than a change
  12. Just tried is on solo this morning and didn't run into any issues. My build was a bit more aggressive any was clearing the "surprises" a little faster. Top that with the fact that there were less "surprises" and we might have the culprit. My guess, its alot like the fireball tower issue I sometimes experience. In this case a lot of projectile surprises flood the screens and issues start to arise. I'll be trying again 2 person and 3 person to see if I can replicate the crash.
  13. I was host we had four players. I've never experienced a shutdown quite like that before. The screen just froze in place and then got the dreaded .exe stopped working. I've seen my fair share of games getting disconnected from Steam or my own connection issues but not an incident like this.
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