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  1. Yep, more high-end capacity loot still misses the point of the actual problem. Woohoo.
  2. Make me curious how Alhanalem's comment about a 'go lower' or even 'go zero' would turn out instead of the 'go negative'. Pretty much little change overall, we'd just see a lot of unimpressive crap gear all over the place, instead of a lot of spectacularly crap gear all over the place.
  3. The problem with the loot system is that it doesn't scale properly to the newer loot. As the loot gets higher "quality", the chance for it to end up actually being terrible is also higher- yet, this loot is made to drop extremely rarely. Since the loot is both more rare and more likely to be bad, good super loot is so rare that players can see they'll never get an upgrade and just give up. This game actually has a lot in common with many MMORPGs- it has loot progression, levels and stats, heroes with various abilities, etc. Ask yourself: Would so many people still be playing games like Wor
  4. People care because the game becomes too easy. And if it's too easy, the fun wears out just as fast as if it's too hard. If all gear generated always has the best stats, then you may as well just remove the gear, remove the stats, and base everything on fixed values, and make the game completely and totally a traditional tower defense. But since DunDef is trying to be different from those games, that's why we have these things. Yes, if the game as a whole is too easy, people will play it, beat it very quickly, and move on to another game. If there was no negative chance, they'd have to come
  5. I love Pokemon too but I just got bored of it. That was my point lol not the age haha. I played Pokemon Red so much then yellow lol And they haven't changed their formula. Even they have issues. I mean having only 4 attacks since the beginning. You'd think they would have changed it up some how. -type R blood- Not to get too super off topic, but I like the 4-move limit, it forces you to plan your moveset pretty strategically. Not saying like 5 or 6 would ruin the game, but I think 4 is pretty okay. And they have made tweaks to the formula, like the passive abilities they added in the
  6. Looking at the numbers there, somewhere around 30% looks about right to me. Although, the sample size here is small and the data for that swung a bit under the expected average, so that might even be a bit more generous than it appears. Still, 20% does seem a bit too good... Though maybe I've just been beating into submission by the RNG so much that I've gained a bit of a *********ic streak in that regard... It still seems a bit much at 20%. 30% seems to leave things pretty even, and I think 5-6 positive stats on the average piece of gear is not asking for much. Edit: Interesting filter is
  7. I don't even think the RNG needs so much of a 'rework' as a simple adjustment of the GoNegative function that gives any stat above 150 a 50% chance to be smacked into the negatives. I get why you guys put that in at the start of nightmare, but with the state of the game as it is it's hindering more than anything. The higher the loot quality goes, the more likely you are to see nothing but negatives all over! I think this is the core of what needs to be adjusted, the loot quality on higher end maps is just so far beyond what this bit of code was designed for. Dingle had a really great suggest
  8. Maybe it's just me, but I'd actually be really glad to be rid of the whole damn build phase timer. I get where TE were going with this, but it makes it impossible to even pay attention to loot (such as it is, low waves and all) in anything but survival. I guess I just feel it hurts the strategic gameplay overall. Could be an option easily enough, right? *Shrugs*
  9. Even if it is technically possible, I wouldn't exactly hold my breath for one with that track record.
  10. I think the best upshot of this kind of exposure to the actual mechanisms rolling up the gear is that people can't just turn around and go 'RNG is RNG'- That presupposes the RNG is well put-together, which is exactly what needs to be called into question.
  11. Just because the gonegative function was added at the release of nightmare doesn't mean it isn't antiquated in some respects. When that was added, player stats were what? In the 500-800 range at the high end? The simple fact remains that 'the norm', whatever you want to define that as, has shifted drastically since nightmare was first introduced. And the RNG for gear hasn't kept up with the times. I agree that the 'gonegative' chance should be reduced, and/or possibly the threshold for gonegative checks to even occur increased, as the map difficulty increases. I also think it's important
  12. Not convinced anything other than fireball from apprentice is worth using. Lightning towers suffer from the biggest problem slice 'n dice has (in my opinion), which is to say set damage interval that doesn't scale with tower attack speed. Most towers, as you stats get better, tower attack and tower damage complement each other multiplicatively. These two just get left in the dust once your tower attack speed starts to get up there. Magic missile are fast and cheap, yeah, but they're completely single target. They just can't keep up with the number of mobs we realistically have to face at one
  13. I can't say I've looked at the code directly so I may be way off base here, but it sounds kinda like something along the lines of something screwing up pointers to memory locations of what is supposed to be deleted when mana is cleared, causing overflow that points it at items, and lots of them. Rough estimate, anyways.
  14. I barely trust myself with a jester, let alone some random. It's not even just the potential for griefing I'm worried about, the risk v. reward ratio of everything jesters do just prevents me from allowing one anywhere near something with any actual difficulty I want to take at all seriously. That said, I pretty much only play in private games with myself and a few friends anyways. But yeah, I'd be iffy about one joining a public game I ran. It's not just a terrible class, it's a terrible class that actively makes things worse.
  15. Played around a bit with spreading my presents around more, piling less in one area, etc. Had significantly better results. I suspect an anti-farming/abuse mechanism in place nerfing overdense present clusters. Needs further investigation.
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