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  1. I'm actually becoming quite attached to Bob. My husbands rock is now more of a brick since he upgraded it lol
  2. For me, its been chests on aqua high end surv that have dropped some nice stuff, i got my supreme hammer from there which i love :D However i managed to get some REALLY nice backstabbers from assault runs, i had one which i used for ages, it was a trans one and just had decent stats on it, obviously its got nothing on my hammers now but it was an awesome weapon :) Misty seems to drop some decent armor, moraggo i find is actually kinda rubbish for loot but that might just be the luck that i have had when playing it :)
  3. My pet rock is called bob. Bob makes me slow. Bob is only an insane rock and therefore doesn't have fantastic stats. 8k+ creeps with only 2 people on insane mode. To get a rock that does little more than grin at me. Bob makes me do a sad. :(
  4. @Zeus feel free to add me, steam id is sn00pkitten :)
  5. I have started running some NM games, i have left them open for people to join, yesterday morning was quite rewarding, as i was farming mysef some nauts - or trying to, luck of the draw was not with me yesterday as i was rewarded with rubbish ones! However one guy who joined was rewarded with a Trans one, which was the first trans he had picked up :) I actually prefer the idea of just running some games to give people pointers and show them where to build etc, the people i have run into so far seem to be quite appreciative of the help :) If you do need a hand with something then feel fre
  6. I dont think that counts as missing hits though, thats just because it takes more than a second to finish the combo, well for me it does anyway :)
  7. I generally run my server early morning UK time, so feel free to join, i will mostly be doing aqua runs, did a few naut runs today, but if people want something specific then just ask and i will see what i can do :)
  8. lol would it make it any worse if i said it was the second one i have found? :p I gave the other one to the husband for his monk though so i have the dps one for my barb :)
  9. I do quite a few runs with my husband and have a shed load of them in my shop, some of them are total rubbish granted, but they look cool all bobbing about together (yes i am sad like that lol) i think i would probably have a few in there with over 200 ups though be warned they are EXPENSIVE to up :(
  10. haha, i'm with you all the way on giving people a chance, although i will hold my hands up and say that on occasion - depending on my mood i have seen someones stats and kicked them *Shame mode [ON]* But it can make it much harder during later waves where you need players to heal towers and stuff as opposed to dying after 30 seconds! I dont like the people that come in, say nothing at all then afk or wander round aimlessly doing jack all, and dont even get me started on people who join and start randomly summoning towers when they have 1k stats when i have 3.6k......that just makes me do
  11. Just tried it myself and all my swings hit the dummy fine :/
  12. Totally with you, with a decent seahorse most things are a joke :D especially if you have a tasty monk/countess boost :p I farmed a shiny supreme one the other day that does about 22k damage.....its pretty :D
  13. After using a barb for 75% of my playtime i cannot say i have noticed this, could you explain a little more what you mean? Also what weapons are you using? :adept:
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