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  1. Kinda happened to me as well when I started. I did "open" b/c I thought ranked was "ranked" play, as in leaderboards pvp etc etc. It does stink starting over need help let me know.
  2. That has great general info. But I didn't see where it mentioned what the soft caps were etc etc...That's the kind of guide I'm lookin for.
  3. Ok So is there a guide somewhere for noob questions? Not a guide for layout of lvls but such as what a dps pet is, where to put stats when upgrading a character based upon what build they are etc etc etc. Thanks! Beck.
  4. wave 12....now scared to start over again
  5. Thanks for the info! I just one from magus quarters survival yesterday. So all happy now
  6. So got a quick question, I hear people talking about dps pet...and wondering what exactly that is? Namely when I get one, do I upgrade its damage or upgrade the hero damage? Thanks! Beck
  7. groovy, thanks for the info! Beck
  8. So, got a quick question. Shopping around for good myth dps gearand noticing a vast majority of it does neg stats for restilance, (sorry for the typo). So wondering, does that matter that much in gear at this lvl, or just having good damage makes up for it? Thanks! Beck
  9. Yep Fewd, you did find me. I sent you an invite as well relarmane. Woot! Tried to talk my wife into having a "sick" day at work today so that we could all jump on and play now, sadly, I was denied.
  10. sure, anyone can jump in to help, my steam profile is vyndetta. We have mics (old mmo player of that one game that been out for 8 years) for a while, the main days that we tend to play are tuesday and wednesay due to work schedule. hoping that one of those two days next week will be an epic gaming day for us. So far we have only downloaded the main game and the jungle lvl.
  11. Thanks for the offer of fast leveling; wife and myself are only losing about 60 hours or so of gameplay each. We didn't even have a toon at max level yet, just one tower and one dps each. So don't think gonna need help;besides I talked my sister into playing also with us, so we all just may start new toons together then. Thanks again! Beck
  12. Oh Joy Oh Rapture. Times to level up again. Thanks for the Fast Response!
  13. So my wife and I was playing this on the 360 and decided to go PC, (PC ftw!) and we both made a mistake. Our toons are only in the open play and not ranked. So namely, is there a way to import our toons over into the ranked server or do we have to start over again? thanks! Beck.
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