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  1. The patch was submitted today. It said that in the patch notes.
  2. What? The patch hasn't even been released... Was waiting for this. The dev team also told me that they have been unable to reproduce the save corruption glitch here in the office. If we can't reproduce it, then there is no way for us to be able to fix it.
  3. The answer is a dead future. They didn't even fix the crashing and wiping your characters inventory bug. Of ALL the bugs, that and hackers is the only 2 that murder the game. And they didn't fix hackers either (they can't)
  4. It turns all red when it's ready to port you. It only ports you when the dragon does his, "I'm gonna stop here and shoot **** at you while flying left to right".
  5. If they haven't found a way to do it on the PC yet, they will not figure it out in time for this patch (tuesday at the latest so they say.)
  6. you shut the game off while the save logo was spinning. Bummer dude.
  7. whats up with that scanner code thingy? i scanned it got a phone number and nothing happened... i left the msg... did trendy just give up on phone msg's or what? One of the many sick jokes trendy has played on the console users.
  8. TE knew in OCT/NOV that PC events could not come to the console. This is why we're mad. Zero communication. Absolutely zero. The first DLC was a money grab. If we had known you didn't plan to support the consoles we wouldn't have supported you. Obviously you know that. Enjoy my 20$. Last dime you'll see from me.
  9. Just 60 seconds trendy... Even come in here and say we can't talk about not talking about it :skeleton:
  10. talking about how difficult it was to patch games on the XBL marketplace. The problem is that the entire console community has ONLY been told this. Different staff members, moderators, and community members have all said the same thing. XBLA and PS3 Patching sucks. We've heard this. If they simply say we can't talk about it, most sensible people will stop badgering them.
  11. Please have one of your team simply post whether or not you have a NDA regarding the console patches and or DLC. A simple YES/NO is all we need. The console forum is getting restless, and a simple comment that says "hey we can't talk about it" may save you all some grief.
  12. [QUOTE]we'll review your forum and play-history for potential inclusion this beta[/QUOTE] I'm sure you meant to say "hasn't called trendy out for their multiple screw ups on the forum"
  13. thread moved to console discussion, Consider it dead now =( Oh well we tried.
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