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  1. I've not played DD in about 2 months but was a keen player with 1000+ hours. Has anything been done yet about the RNG/ stats trolling over? Did CrazyRndm's idea make a patch? I do really miss this game and aside from new maps, this is the only thing that'll bring me back! Arctic
  2. :) Same for me. Yet to meet anyone who has earned their ultimate sets. Everyone seems to buy their sets with cubes. I have no idea how the hell the sellers get those "perfect ultimate gear". By perfect i mean 1 stat is max-able. I have come across some ultimate gear. Almost all were worse than my trans. Not even a single one had a stat max-able. *sigh* Guess i AM really a noob huh ;) The new map looks promising though. There must be very few people out there that have farmed all 4 pieces of an ultimate set. I've managed a half-trans, half-ultimate builder set - which I was lucky to find both tower pieces of the same type! I know for sure that clever computer experts will know all the item limits, and will be able to create their own items, which look good but legit, and pass all 'item-checks'. That's my theory on how most ultimate sets come about.
  3. Lol. I had a feeling from the start that 100 will be the final Level cap. :D
  4. Sort of like in real life. Just bringing the right pairs to come together is quite the nightmare sometimes. Though it's nice when they just come together on their own. Those ones work out the best. Haha! Sound like you work for a dating company or something :djinn:
  5. My original cube for 2 non-perfect rocks. At the time I was desperate to strengthen my builders beyond trans armour! Never owned a cube since.
  6. I might also be interested in getting this over with, once and for all. I have you on steam already yata, so msg me when you're about to attempt it!
  7. Great. I always wanted to protect the tavern :) Also said to Nexus, that it would be a good idea for his tavern mod. Next Week: Tavern Survival W40 I really hope there is a survival mode! I also want them to extend ALL survivals to W40, would increase the chances of top loot :djinn:
  8. 2 New Achievements on Steam right now: Awesome secret keeping skills are awesome xD Well spotted! Can't wait now :)
  9. Will be nice to see another DLC. Will there be any new maps? :ogre:
  10. I've been playing DD for about 6 months with no problems logging in to Trendynet and creating games, both custom and private. Starting yesterday, I can no longer create a private game, custom game or AFK shop. This problem is occuring on both open and ranked mode. Local mode still works fine but I don't use it. The process I'm going through is: Play Online > Ranked > Select Character > Private Match > Yes > Creating Game.... > 'Failed to create a game' I then go to validate the game files in steam and it always says: '2 files failed to be validate and will be reacquired'. I've tried restarting steam and restarting my PC. Does anyone else have similar problems, or know how to solve them? Thanks
  11. Forum Actions Edit Profile Edit signature :) Thanks!
  12. it's their signature, and they've just typed the information in there the way they want it to be displayed :) I notice you have one too - where do I go to type this?
  13. I've noticed that several people on the forums have managed to construct a section under each of their forum posts with say, list of their characters and stats... how can I go about creating this section? Been looking around on the profile page and can't find anything. Thanks
  14. I am not sure I see the point of a new tavern. I get that the current Tavern is small and cramped. But why a bigger one? More space for what? As Alhanalem stated, the tavern is just a portal to the rest of the content. A new map can provide new content to actually complete while the tavern would be aesthetics. Somebody please point out what I am missing. Why is a new tavern such a draw? Think you've got this spot on, my friend. A also have no idea why people need more room, 500 item box spaces, loads of room for dropping spare stuff. On the other hand, a new map would mean more fun, different rewards, probably more hope at getting ultimate gear :)
  15. It actually increases it to 270 if you have all achievements. If you really want to go beyond the limit, at a small risk... you can keep trading for more items, and go beyond like 500 items. I don't recommend it, but I've seen it done. Explain please? Do you mean people actually hacked for more slots, or just including shop/tavern floor?
  16. Definitely a new map! That will improve the game's lifespan. A tavern I'd just end up doing laps and jumping around for no reason.
  17. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993928078 SID: trfz Sunday
  18. Just wondering, are the seahorses on insane actually better than on NM? Ive had over 100 seahorses from NM, but haven't tried insane. about 90-95% of those were garbage!
  19. Wow! This game never ceases to surprise me ;)
  20. Well during build time, the fastest way to go from the very bottom to the top is just jump off and take the 3 second delay. That was a trick used in glitter insane when people first started playing that map. I like this very much! Thinking outside the box, well done - wish I'd spotted this myself ;)
  21. The thought of this makes me cringe. It nearly made me throw my PC across the room!
  22. Thank you steam for letting me waste the last 3 hours with random player disconnects and server dying from my own disconnect on CD! I felt the same way last night.... even changed my name to 'I hate steam' for a while! Its been very inconsistent the last couple of days, hope they sort it out soon :wyvern:
  23. Probably an expert huntress with 4000 dmg traps and 3000+ in her other tower stats is the answer, that way the ogres won't stack up at the walls so badly ;)
  24. the problem is that their really isn't any good maps for it but I would say do aqua because of the easy of that map always do hc if you can its worth it and really dose not make it harder mm really doesn't add much/or any thing of a benefit imo and is allot of aggravation so its only good for bragging rights also this may just be my experience but after wave 25 on any survivals I have done armor quality actual seems to get worst This is true, I believe. People are saying that the shards maps in particular have best chance of good drops in the early 20's. After that the gear goes downhill a lot. Mix mode probably caps at an even lower wave, and has even worse loot later on. But there is still a small chance of sup/ult armour late on, I've had an ult on moraggo wave 35 before (half-good) and a sup on wave 30 aqua (useless). Think City in the Cliffs actually does drop better stuff the later the wave gets. Once had 3 sup armours on wave 30, but the crystal got smashed!
  25. Well, I remember everything going well until wave 20, when the ogres had 100mil+ HP. Most of the build went down on 20, and 21 the crystal went down. I think with 3 strong DPS players it would be do-able, but solo its damn hard! Not sure if summoners are an option either - you'd probably run out of mana by flash healing!
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