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  1. You guys do know that while firing staffs you can hold the right mouse button down so you don't have ti continuously click? Lol
  2. I'd rather not get into this lengthy argument that has already been discussed in many other places.
  3. Generally for NM, 1 or 2 types of builders will not cut it. You need a combination of Harpoon/Fireball towers, traps, auras, buffs, minions, and walls to really get as far as possible. Your squire already has good stats, now work on your other builders. Another thing to note is that any inactive builder will recieve a 30% damage penalty (you build with your squire, and during the waves use a monk, the harpoons will hit less). Also, it's a good idea to make a DPS character. I'd recommend a monk, because of the tower and hero boosts, which can easily double your defense and personal damage.
  4. I've played DD since 2011, and currently have almost 700 hours clocked in. However, the game is getting kind of old, and I'm looking for a new one similar to DD. Anything with RPG/Action elements, co-op, and preferably a long-term goal, almost like an MMORPG, but without the major time investment that one implies. Any suggestions would be awesome.
  5. Because holding the gun pointing forward is too mainstream.
  6. Overall, any shards map with 4 players gives great xp (both campaign, and survival). Also, Servants Quarters late wave survival is also good, but only for the builder. It's the ogre kills that get the xp, and the builder will be the one killing them. City in the Cliffs campaign is great for xp, and rewards, I think better than Palantir (not sure though).
  7. Could I get a pass? Just need this last achievement :) SSID: Peanut Noir
  8. A good way to avoid him from knocking you off the edge is to jump when you see him about to hit the ground with his hands/feet
  9. There's a trick to beating him. You hit him with the harpoon, then stay a bit out of his range until he starts breathing fire (not the fireballs). Then the whole team rushes in, and he won't leave until you've removed a big junk of juicy hp. At times, if you're lucky and do it correctly, you can get him in 1 rush.
  10. How long do you think this game will take before being playable? I'm usually not one to complain, never have about the patches. But excuse me, this last patch showed that Trendy have an amazing lack of experience in balancing. Going from 2 ogres knocking on defenses to 7 ogres knocking on defenses is absolutely crazy. I mean, this last patch added so much difficulty that I can't get to wave 30 NMHCMM on Aquanos anymore! I used to be able to solo with ease, with 3 afk characters. Now I can't even do it with one. The only way to beat any shards map now is to have 4 active DPS chars. The last p
  11. I'm thinking even a 3-starred build wouldn't be able to hold up against wave 25+
  12. Hi Gamblor. I had great success with your first build, and am going to experiment with your latest one, but a quick question before. How does the new build hold up after the 7.38 patch? Thanks
  13. I know, I can't stand it. I've played all my 500 hours exclusively in a third person persSpective!
  14. I actually kind of enjoy killing the kraken. It's relatively relaxing and easy once you know what to do. I can't remember ever failing!!
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