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  1. See the positive side of things: I got a mythical reward in HARD difficulty on my first King's Game. I hope this will help people break through to nightmare (but then with my stats I can't really say how hard it really is...).
  2. Well, I was initially dubious at the usefulness of a DPS summoner, but I tested this on solo Aqua NMHC Mixed with success. DPS is clearly way behind compared to a boosting monk: - My summoner get ~2.3M DPS with two Sea Horse - My monk get ~17M of while using weapon, a single Sea Horse and hero boosting But a summoner has some advantages compared to a monk: 1) It can get to place (roof) a monk cannot get to. On Aqua, you can safely kill ogre copter from the roof being above them (no missile), and also help killing djins from roof. 2) It can float (usually) safely above mobs (goin
  3. and this is a 1'000'000'005 token That happens to me too, I think I've seen as high as 1'000'000'024 token if my memory is correct.
  4. Well, I also used to get crash seldomly when alt-tabbing. Though, I have no such issue since I switched to windowed mode.
  5. When I host public aqua nm surv, I usually go by "loot only during build phase, 3 items max per wave. I follow the same rule.". This keeps the guest players focused on "surviving". I observed some interesting things: - Other players "watch" each other to make sure everyone follow the rule (meaning more shift map and better situation awarness). - Players don't just randomly pick whatever is close to them at wave end. They describe the item and ask if anyone is interested. I was fairly suprised that it worked so well: not picking item during combat phase require a lot of discipline (bu
  6. Just try to do the master real time strategist achievement. It's a very good way to level up and revisit all the levels. If you started the game yesterday, I strongly recommend that you actually master all campaign levels on insane before attempting nightmare. Nightmare difficulty requires a deep understanding of all the games mecanism, something you don't usually get in a single day.
  7. Generally you will put your reflectors up a little behind the physical wall or just in front of your turrets (which are usually close to/near a physical wall). Putting reflector close to turrets has the advantage of protecting them from spider webs. This can be important when you have a single tower protecting from a constant stream of wyvern for example. But in Wizardy challenge for example, it is a better idea to put them in front of the wall to protect them from the wizard. Putting them in front of the wall was also useful against copter missile rafale.
  8. I remember reading a thread a while ago, and it seems that some apprentice weapons actually have elemental damage scaling with hero damage. The one that found out that could do 17 millions damage in tavern if I remember correctly!
  9. If you are planning to play with your initiate, I would also recommend putting some points in tower boost. Tower boost at 700 does x2 damage, and while active also slowly heal auras (and non trap like towers, but it so slow compared to aura that you should not rely on it).
  10. For the Stone Throw Spear, I would say at least 170 levels. My one has 242 levels and has ~61K ranged damage fully upgraded.
  11. And it works better if you combine it with tower to slow down mobs: ensare aura or gas trap.
  12. IMHO, the best weapon is situationnal. Stone Thrower is not good against air mobs (hard to do djin control on Palantir for example).
  13. And aquanos i cannot solo lvl good myself because there is too much mana "lost". Get a genie or djinlet. This helps get quick mana for upgrade. Personally, I prefer genie because you can stay safely away from the mob behind barrier (you are not exposed to DEW...). Having a dps monk with good tower boost (dmg x2 at 700, x3 at 2800) can also helps a lot compensate for missing upgrade. Very useful to help cleaning-up clogs.
  14. But iv noticed over the past week/week's there's just hard maps running zero insane/nightmare runs going on.. Your joking right? Since they moved filtering server-side I've seen a huge increase in the number of public nightmare games. I used to see 5-10 games, now it's about 10-30 (usually don't fit on screen and you have to scroll).
  15. I wish we would at least get in game warning about steam downtime. It is very frustrating when you are disconnected at the end of a 1h30 survival run :-(.
  16. IHMO, you probably want to add: 1.5) The ennemies Where the different types of ennemies are explained as well as elemental resistance (including boss). Otherwise, it's going to be difficult to describe tower and heroes: darkness trap remove elemental resistance, huntress' lack of tower against wyvern...
  17. So why is there no seting for chosing what monsters you want in nightmere. I mean there is no way that you can win in nightmare with Spiders, Djins, Sharks and Copters. One by one would be a great patch. In pure strategy mode you don't have Djins and Sharks (and likely Copters, haven't tried yet).
  18. When launching the game, click the configure button instead of play. You can change the key binding there. Remarks: from time to time after a patch key bindings get reset.
  19. I have 4 level 90 (3 builders and 1 dps). I usally cross the path of other level 90 players when playing map like boss rush / volcano. IMHO, the classic campaign maps are just too easy for a lvl 90 to have fun (well sometime you want easy, but usually you want to have a challenge). Weird stuff, is that nowadays you can see level 83 "dps" with neg res and 30% res at best :/. Sometime they don't even understand when we explain that their res are too low. Can't figure how that can be even when I started the game 9 months ago, I knew what resistance was about well before I even tried insane
  20. - All foes near heros have a fit of giggles and slowly laugh to death while frozen. - small laughing gas fog banks appears, causing heroes and mobs to freeze (have speed drastically reduced) due to laughing if you walk into them. - Ogres have a fit of giggles and starts hitting with their bat like crazy (both foes/heroes) - Malcom comes back for vengeance and starts randomly changing ennemies/heroes to stone, making them temporarily invincible. All manas is lost after reverting back to normal. - The player with highest hero damage becomes the king and all foes starts throwing tomatoe
  21. Thanks! I can confirm that the 4 times I played as monk I got a donkey, while the one time I played with my countess I got an elephant. \^o^/
  22. Hi, I've beatten battle royale 4 times and I only get democrat donkey each time. Am I just being unlucky or is there a specific set of condition to achieve to get an Elephant?
  23. p.s tell me if this has happend to u :D Not exactly the same things, but earlier today I run into a bug: clicking on campaign/shard button would display level list, but clicking on the challenge button did nothing... I had to "exit to main menu" and go back into the tavern to work-around this bug.
  24. lesson learned, dont put complete junk in afk shop, vendor it. Just because it's cheap does not mean it's junk. I got started in NM months ago when it was introduced because I was able to buy some decent armors in AFK shop at reasonnable price. Now I can do the same. If I was only doing that for mana, I wouldn't bother with small price items (it does take time to filter/sort items out and put a price on it). Expensive supreme/trans sells much better... I'm also not a believer of selling accessories billions...
  25. You could also folder anything in your primary box .. That way when you're going thru to sell all, you only have tokens to choose from and 'selling all' wouldn't matter at that point I do that mostly, but I usually have some pets/weapons for quick access that are not in folders (for quick switch in timed build). There is also the items from the last survival run that I have not yet sorted through... Also, If I understood correctly, I'll lost mana if I have more than 2 billions of mana tokens. Hmm, I guess I'll just have to sell the big value manually, and sell all the small many tokens at
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