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  1. It's really nice that someone liked the map and idea enough to look into the issues I was having, was just banging my head against a brick wall. Haven't had time to even play DD in the last month, let alone use the DDDK except for updating on Steam. Maybe the bugged Might Mouse is why I get an "Ambiguous pakage name" when I start DDDK(Happens 7.39 & 7.40). My other map ideas where more complicated(gonna make a list when I get time) so I made this as more of a practice map to learn. If it was a fully fledged out map, it was still going to try to be somewhat easy to do the "Campain" of it. Was going to do 1 player -> 0 Ogres; 2P -> 1 Ogre; 3P -> 2 Ogre; 4P -> 3 Ogres for each round which would make the map easiest solo and 4P. Hadn't even thought about Survival as 7.38 didn't let it happen then. Guess also if it was to be survival I'd change the Ballistas to scale damage with Hero Damage(its in the ballista projectile's object properties)to make getting through the upper waves possible, as on NM the Ballistas can't one shot the Wyvrens. Wonder if its possible to get the Djinn and Copters to fly straight in as I've gotten the wyvrens to mostly do. I think max enemy count is in the Wave spawner itself("Scale enemy wave entries" object, top value, applies the max to each entry in the spawn list). I remeber changing the wyvren ones from "18" to "36" just for that rush and impending doom that that many wyvrens are coming for the lone crystal. Biggest issue I'm going to run into with next map will be that I have no Middle Mouse button so I can't measure anything in UDK and haven't found the right config file to change the hotkey. You can see how that bad as you don't bang your head on the North side of stairs but you do on the South side on the way up. SID:Rowge
  2. Looks like fun =) Is it right, you have one path for ground enemies and 3 Wyvern spawns? Yes its like a mix of 'Death from Above' and 'No Towers Allowed.' There's one location that the Ogres and Might Mouse spawn from and they can take either path around the lower part of the tower, they come back together at the top of the stairs. The wyvren spawns are out a bit from the Ballistas with a bit of random in their spawning from an extra spawner. I had taken a bit of a break on it since I can't figure out why the monsters won't spawn without dropping alot of randoms out of the wyvren spawns. If the next update does bring in all the EV assets I've have a different map I'll want to work on, when I get some time.
  3. If it's an indoor level, you could have balloons drop from the ceiling and fill the map. The balloons would pop as heroes, towers and enemies hit them and the balloons could resist/slow movement depending on how the balloons clutter up.
  4. On the tallest spire of the castle not even your defences will follow you. It's 4 players, save the crystal and you get no DU. I made this map because I haven't used UDK in 6-8 years and needed to come up with something to reaquaint myself with UDK and learn the DDDK. So I came up with something simple taken from the Missile Command game, that then it all spiraled out of control. At first I wasn't going to release it but then I found it more fun than expected for the concept. The picture was taken a good 5 minutes into the the first loaded wave, ignore the wave 4/7 I tried changing the first wave# to try to get problem 1 fixed. These are the problems I need to fix before I can release it: [LIST=1] Once the mod is cooked only the first enemy of each spawn comes out, the rest never spawn. It works fine and plays through all the way in viewports and "Play on PC." The spawn kiesmet is taken from the 'LevelTemplate' and if you take Spawn 2 or 4 then remove all but 1 enemy and change it to a 10 enemy wyvren, you'd have the same as what mine is that isn't working. Yes I tried verifing, Yes I tried rebuilding scripts(not that it ever works, stupid spiders). Happens the same Easy -> NM. I scaled up the size of an enemy and can't figure out how to scale up the hit box. Shotting just at its feet just isn't right.Figured out - Below Problems I'm having that wouldn't keep me from releasing it: [LIST=1] How do I peel the rain 'instance'(I think) off of the staic meshs? Is there a good way to catch the loot from wyvrens off the 'player-playable-area' without letting the player get to a 'non-playable' location, as their loot disappers when it hits the Killz? ***** Update Fix to problem first 2, I had already thought that I had to change the Collision:Collision Component:Height and Radius but I wasn't thinking about the shape like a #D modeling program and couldn't figure out why the oversized enemy was floating. Had to adjust Collision:Object Archetype:Translation to move the actual hitbox. Can't sort out the non-spawning enemies problem and with the other weird things I see the editor do I feel safe in blaming the tools. So I put together the custom enemy, the works fine udk, and the cascading failure of a cooked upk in a zip file. Doesn't need any account, login, or password to download. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/62531928/Ballistacommand.zip Maybe someone else can see a fault in it.
  5. Mission Real Time Strategist http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/559816335977119781/C2B65EA89DD5DE09C0D8F4D72F09FB5E37AC38A1/ http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/559816335977114511/A65983B3BC2AC1FBECFEF4ACDC50D7BF358C075D/ Happened on 7.34 (ranked/private/solo/survival/NMHC) so I don't know if this is what's meant by [QUOTE]* Various under-the-hood Summoner tweaks[/QUOTE] but it's interesting to get an award for a character that doesn't exsist for us yet. Was trying to see how fast of a Deeper Well run I could do with monk DPS, so this run was from 13-24 when a spider got me at the same time a shark wanted my walls. *Figured this fell under bug and not exploit, if mods feel it does fall under exploit then just pass it along and delete this thread
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