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  1. The real fix we need is for people to be able to join any onslaught floor that is at their achieved chaos level or higher, but only receive 1 floor of progress for completing any floor above their current floor.
  2. Its a strong mod to be sure, but its taking up a spot that any other powerful mod could be in, like 60% damage to chaos enemies or minibosses, so I think its in a good place.
  3. Instead of having randomly selected trial maps, how about we solve low shard drop rates and loot drops by bringing back the bonus to the end chest of each map on the first daily completion, similar to our 5 daily bonus loots. Each map on each trial level will get a daily bonus loot attached to it, giving players a reason to play all of the maps, but still allowing people to do their dailies first or work on strategies for a specific map. I would suggest 2 extra shards, 1 item of myth+ quality from the end chest, and possibly +50% total map exp. Optionally you could make the 5 bonuses reset if
  4. The fact that unleveled shards don't stack is a real pain. That's the first QoL addition I'd ask for, along with actually meaningful pictures for the shards.
  5. As I've been doing early chaos and leveling new characters to fit new roles, I've realized that just like with leveling new characters, campaign harbinger runs are the ticket to higher ascension. In fact, it feels almost 5x as fast as doing chaos. This is frankly garbage and should have been fixed a very long time ago. If we are killing large swathes of strong enemies, that should be rewarding in exp, not doing quick-waves of whatever garbage level is fastest.
  6. Build them off the travel path if possible. Mobs tend to ignore things outside of the path now.
  7. Pressed z, meant s. Sold all my pets, all my pet mads, dracoliches and everything. My mistake for not checking it was a sell all confirmation and not a sell one. Watch out with the new inventory folks lol
  8. Sand Viper. I wish it could focus on one target if there weren't other targets to attack though.
  9. Don't forget that selling character slots is part of the profit model. You are right in that it will force some specialization on characters. We're going to have to see how hard these ascension points are to get, because without a cap you can eventually max everything on your characters, and probably everything you want to use before that. It is, as you said, much easier to make a separate character for each defense, which is completely backwards from what they said about having actual characters. More likely we will have 1 dps hero and 1 defense hero, who can pick up everything they want fo
  10. My expectation is that we may not have ANY of the current "meta" sphere/weapon effects right away so I'm gonna say that its going to be a focus on basic towers that fill the currently sphere reliant rolls. Instead of PDT doing EVERYTHING we will need a mix of single target and AOE damage on each lane. Squire harpoons give some group clear, even without splodey-poons. Abyss Lord Ramsters have meh dps right now but may be more relevant compared to other towers without their spheres. Mystic can provide some single target with sand viper. Trap piles were once the main strategy for clearing in
  11. Regular Bastille Defense NM4, 2 rollers spawned on top of eachother on the door closest to the central objective. The back roller was protecting the front roller's weakspot. I killed the back one but the front one had gotten too close to the objective and flattened it.
  12. I had a question regarding the shards in the upcoming trials update. Defense crit is available on every item right now and is a very important part of crit based defenses. Will we be able to get up to our current 30% cap for some or all of our defenses in the new system?
  13. Are Towering Poison and Speedy Darts here to stay? I thought they were supposed to have been removed, but they're still dropping and working ingame.
  14. In the case of at least the toxic shock, the ilvl of the bow attained from the new fixed drops is a lower item level. The old toxic shocks could drop up to ilvl 700, now it can only drop up to 625.
  15. Nevermind its back to not working again with eastern server.
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